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How long does it take for CBD oil to work?

How long does it take for CBD oil to work? / How fast acting is CBD

How long does it take for CBD oil to work? / How fast acting is CBD Cannabidiol (CBD) is easy to use and stays in your system for a few days (sometimes as much as five). Using it regularly and responsibly offers a range of extremely beneficial health benefits, including greater relaxation, reduced muscle pain, […]

Common Hemp Questions

Common Hemp Questions

The popularity of cannabidiol (CBD) products has exploded in recent years. This is largely due to the deregulation of its consumption. It’s also due to the energy and passion of entrepreneurs seizing the opportunities of this new world. In spite of all the buzz surrounding CBD, many misconceptions still exist about using it, its effects, […]

Anti-Aging With CBD

Anti-Aging With CBD

Everyone wants to look younger than they really are. There are no shortage of skincare products, dieting supplements, and exercise routines that promise a youthful, healthier appearance. More and more people are also discovering how CBD is also a wonderful anti-aging tool that when used properly and consistently, can dramatically improve the look and health […]

Understanding CBD Topicals

Understanding CBD Topicals

Topical cannabidiol (CBD) is available in a wide variety of forms. These include: body oil, lotions, balms, serums, patches, and bath salts. The popularity of CBD has exploded in recent years, and companies are rushing to provide innovative and convenient products. Understanding CBD topicals is more important now than ever before. Topical CBD products are […]

5 Myths about Full Spectrum CBD Oil: Busted

Full Spectrum CBD Oil

If you’ve been curious about trying CBD Oil but are having a hard time wading through all the confusing misinformation out there, we are here to help. If you’re curious about Full Spectrum CBD Oil, in particular, there are a number of myths concerning how this product works, its advantages, and for what it can […]

5 Clichés About CBD Oil

5 Clichés About CBD Oil Rooted Hemp Co.

The past few years have seen a new superstar burst onto the scene in medical science: CBD Oil. Derived from the cannabis plant, CBD (cannabidiol) is non-intoxicating and non-habit forming. It boasts an impressive array of benefits for pain relief, anxiety, seizures, and even tumors; more studies are being conducted all the time and they […]

Hemp Products: Expectations Vs. Reality

Hemp Products

Hemp products are more popular than ever and have entered the mainstream, much to the joy and relief of many chronic pain sufferers all across the country. While for many years, there had been something of a stigma against hemp products due to their association with “marijuana” and “drug culture.” Fortunately now, it seems that […]

In Love with CBD Cream? Us Too!

CBD for Pets

There are a thousand articles out there touting the benefits of CBD for dozens of different conditions. It truly does seem like a miracle treatment at times, with users reporting therapeutic effects for everything from nervous system conditions to anxiety disorders. Best of all, it’s all natural and comes with virtually no harmful side effects. […]

Explaining Full Spectrum CBD Oil to Your Mom

Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Few things in life are worse than watching a loved one suffer from chronic pain or other treatable conditions. For many people, watching a parent or other older relative fight through the everyday discomfort of arthritis, back pain, and a bevy of other conditions can be very difficult. Many people end up taking matters into […]

CBD for Dogs: 10 Reasons to Try It

CBD for Dogs

We’ve all the heard about the superior health effects of CBD, or Cannabidiol, the non-intoxicating extract of the cannabis plant. With hemp legalization, a number of scientific studies have shown evidence of a link between CBD oil usage and pain relief, stress management, epilepsy, and more. But what about CBD for dogs? CBD for Dogs […]