Non-Alcoholic CBD Cocktail for Spring

CBD NA Drink Grapefruit Bitters Rooted CBD Bend Oregon

Are you sober, sober curious or just want something tasty you can enjoy any time of day? 

We have a spring Non-alcoholic cocktail recipe that is so refreshing and soothing, you’ll be reaching for it all spring and summer long. Not only is this super simple to mix, but it quenches thirst when the weather turns warm again – and that warm weather is coming sooner than you think. 

This Grapefruit CBD drink is: 

  • Fizzy 
  • Bitter (in a good way) 
  • Thirst-quenching
  • Fresh
  • Fun to mix up with other citrus
  • Loaded with high potency Rooted Hemp Co. CBD!

CBD NA Grapefruit Soda

Here’s how to make a delicious springy CBD NA drink: 

CBD Grown Up Grapefruit Soda:

with Rooted Hemp Co. CBD

This is what we call a “grown up soda”! It’s not sweet, a little bit herbaceous and so refreshing. 

Makes 1 drink: 



1-ounce Grapefruit Bitters (optional)

Sparkling water 

Grapefruit, sliced 

Mint (optional) 

25-50 mg of Clear Solution CBD oil Citrus


In a shaker with ice, add the bitters and a slice of grapefruit. Pour the sparkling water on top, and then top with garnishes as desired and add the dropper of CBD. Mix gently with a spoon. Ahh.

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Zero Proof

If you need to make this drink 100% zero proof, you can leave out the grapefruit bitters (which are botanicals distilled in alcohol, so technically not and NA option), then add in extra sliced grapefruit for that bitter hit of plant essential oils and for additional flavor. You can squeeze some grapefruit juice into the glass or even muddle it to release the oils from the peel. 

Hey, by the way, have you tried our Clear Solution CBD oil yet?

The Rooted Hemp Co. Citrus Clear Solution CBD oil pairs perfectly with this adult soda. The dry and slightly bitter flavor of this drink will quench your thirst in a way that a sweet drink won’t. If you are kinda craving a beer but really don’t want to drink alcohol, this is a great switch! Why not make one up for yourself and step outside in the sun to sip on it? Ahhh, hello sunshine! 

Clear Solution by Rooted Hemp Co. is a trusted product by many and those who love it are confident that it contains zero THC. It’s naturally flavored and sustainably sourced. Try our high-potency CBD oils today!