4 ways to give CBD to your dog

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Giving CBD to your dog:

Our dogs LOVE our CBD. It really helps calm puppies, as well as helps older dogs with joint issues and mobility. To give CBD to dogs, we at Rooted Hemp Co. have some tips!


Add CBD to your dog’s favorite dry treats: 

Keep a little jar (make sure it’s a jar with a lid) of dry dog treats of your choice on your counter for quick and easy CBD administration. Add 1-2 full droppers of our Pet CBD oil right on top of the treats. Put the lid on the jar and shake it well to distribute the CBD oil. Give to your dog right away, or save for later that day. These CBD-doused dog treats are best eaten the same day they are made.


Add CBD to a dog Kong with peanut butter: 

Add peanut butter to your favorite Kong. Then for a large dog, add about ½ dropper to each side of the Kong or 1 full dropper to the Kong if you are using one with a single-opening. 

You could also mix up the CBD into the peanut butter in a small bowl before stuffing the Kong. 


Add CBD to your dog’s breakfast or dinner: 

Just put it right over their food. If you add other supplements to their meals, you can do it at this time too! For a large dog, 1 full dropper, 2x a day. For a small dog, ¼ or ½ dropper. 


Try making your own CBD dog treats  

Homemade dog treats with CBD are easy and fast to make, and your dog will love them. We have two recipes to share that are packed full of great things for dogs. 

No-bake CBD peanut butter coconut balls are full of protein and health fats for your dog. They also contain a serving of CBD oil to promote calm and soothe nervous dogs.

Our CBD doggie breath mints are made with turmeric, fresh herbs and our Pet Remedy CBD. They are breath freshening and tummy soothing! Link to coconut balls 

No matter what method of delivery you choose to help your dog get some CBD, try Rooted Hemp Co.’s CBD Pet Remedy. Dogs love our CBD oil called Pet Remedy in 1000mg or 500mg. With cold-pressed hemp oil, avocado oil and Wild Alaskan salmon oil, what dog wouldn’t love it!? 

Do you also have a cat or know a cat-lover? Try the 300mg sized Pet Remedy bottle – it’s just perfect for cats or small dogs.