The Stress/Sleep Connection and CBD

sleep and CBD

If you are stressed, we are willing to bet that you’re not sleeping well, either. But did you know that if you are not sleeping well, chances are you also feel the effects of stress even more? That’s right, called a stress-sleep cycle and it’s impacting how you wake up every day. Stress and sleep […]

CBD Improves Sleep

CBD Improves Sleep

Having trouble sleeping? You’re not alone. Adults need at least seven or more hours of sleep every night for maximum health benefits. If you are sleeping less than seven hours, you are experiencing what is referred to as short sleep. Short sleep comes with numerous health risk factors, including an increased likelihood of obesity, increased […]

5 Solid Reasons to Try CBD for Sleep

Reasons to Try CBD for Sleep

If you’re one of the millions of people throughout the world who struggle with insomnia – whether occasionally or regularly – chances are you have spent a lot of time and effort trying to get it under control. After all, a lack of sleep can lead to a variety of other health issues; everything from […]