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Compelling Facts: CBD Statistics Infographic

CBD Statistics

There is a lot of talk about CBD lately, and most people know someone who is recommending it. But what are the facts?  What are the hard numbers?   It turns out that there are some really interesting statistics about CBD that indicate why there is so much excitement!  It’s these kinds of facts and findings […]

The Benefits of High-Potency CBD Oil

What is High-Potency CBD Oil, and what are the potential benefits?  With the market these days positively saturated with dozens of different CBD oil products, consumers are faced with the unique challenge of choice-overload. That is to say, the sheer number of options are what make it difficult to find what you are looking for. […]

The Difference in CBD Products Explained

If you’ve ever been confused by the variety of CBD products available, we’re here to help.  Below, check out our handy infographic which explains every product, its ingredients, how it’s used, how long it requires to take effect,  and how long it will last. It also explains how each product is absorbed by your body. […]