Why your dog gets dry skin, and how to soothe it

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We live in the high desert, and while it’s a gorgeous and rugged country, the dry air and high elevation can be a nightmare for skin – both yours and your dogs!

Dogs can get dry skin for several reasons: 

  1. The weather – we’ve already mentioned that, and you’ve probably experienced this. When it gets cold and dry, our skin starts to cry (for relief!) Cold, dry weather can make skin itchy and dehydrated. But worse, it can lower the skin’s effectiveness as a natural barrier to other outside yuckies which brings us to…
  2. Parasites – yep, pretty gross but super common is for your dog to pick up a parasite somewhere along the way. Be it from doggie daycare or an outdoor adventure, you’ll want to help rid them of these little suckers fast. 
  3. Nutrition – are you giving your dog enough moisture, protein and fats? Are they having an allergic reaction to a particular grain or something else in their food? Consult your vet and rule this out by modifying their diet. If you are looking to add some healthy fats, our dog treat recipes can help with that. 

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If your dog has dry skin, you’ll need this CBD balm: 

Grab our Nose to Toes balm to the rescue and for quick relief! At 1.0oz this tin jar packs 725mg of full spectrum, quality CBD.

You can rub this high potency topical pet balm anywhere on your pet – literally from their nose to their toes – and they’ll be your best friend forever (oh wait, they already are!) They will love the instant relief and lasting moisture from the hemp oil, cocoa butter, avocado oil, vitamin e, beeswax, full spectrum hemp extract. And yes, it’s OK if they lick it, it’s totally safe. 

This CBD pet balm is ONLY made with all natural, organically sourced ingredients and high quality, lab tested CBD. 


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Use it on your dog, use it on yourself: 

CBD is super helpful for all kinds of skin issues. It can also help soothe sensitive skin and those with skin irritations. Read more in this article from Medical News Today. This CBD balm is safe and effective for both humans and dogs, so if you have a little left over after you give your pet a rub down, don’t be afraid to use it! Great for elbows, heels, and dry hands. 

How to use Nose to Toes Balm: 

  1. Apply CBD Balm to dry skin patches, cracked noses, dry toes, and hot spots.  
  2. Massage this balm in with a little doggy massage (if your pet is into that!)
  3. Reapply as needed!

Go buy this CBD balm – and don’t waste any more money on lotions that are full water! Rooted Hemp Co. is a name in CBD that you can trust – just read our testimonials