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The Latest Research on CBD for Anxiety

CBD for anxiety

One of the primary reasons to take CBD is to manage anxiety and depression. There are numerous success stories from all over the world praising CBD for its calming therapeutic effects. However, medical research is still limited, and a lot more needs to be done before CBD becomes an FDA-approved medication for doctors to recommend […]

Incorporating CBD into Your Post-Workout Recovery

CBD for post-workout recovery

Bringing fitness routines to the next level should include a post-workout recovery session, and CBD is becoming just as popular as protein powder and other natural supplements for those who are serious about maximizing the value of their exercise. It isn’t hard to see why. Stress to the body’s muscles and regular inflammation causes microscopic […]

CBD: What Parents Need to Know

What parents need to know about CBD

CBD is everywhere, and while many people enjoy its benefits, there’s very little research when it comes to its use in children and young adults. Many parents are aware of THC, the psychoactive component of marijuana that “gets you high,” but know very little about CBD. Even if parents have heard of CBD, they’re likely […]

Fall CBD Recipes to Try This Season

Fall recipes

People have been cooking with cannabinoids for centuries. The long history of cannabis and cooking goes as far back as 10th century India, where people have been making a fusion of ground cannabis flowers and milk called Bhang for generations. It was also common during the Italian Renaissance, but it wasn’t until the 20th century […]