Traveling with CBD: hacks for taking hemp along with you this summer

Summertime travel is surging right now, and despite increases in plane ticket prices, Americans are engaging in “revenge travel”. If you are planning a trip and what to pack CBD along, it’s important to know your rights. 

If you are wondering about traveling with CBD, yes, you can take your CBD with you if you follow some basic guidelines. Check out our CBD travel hacks for taking a trip with CBD by plane and car. Whether you are visiting grandma or spending some much-needed time in the great outdoors, we have a few CBD travel hacks for you. 

Flying with CBD: 

TSA is a-okay with CBD as long as it’s less than .3% THC. You can check the TSA “What Can I Bring” section of their website to verify, but as long as it’s below the limit of .3% THC, you’re good to go. You can also pack it in your carry-on, but limits on liquids still apply, so make sure that oil or tincture is less than 100m. But not to worry, all our Rooted Hemp Co CBD oils are a petit 30 ml (but they pack a high potency punch!) 

If you want to pack it in your carry-on or stow it away in checked luggage, TSA says you can do either. If you want to travel with a CBD option that is compact, yet versatile, try out our CBD variety pack. Pro tip: be sure to mind your timing and delivery of CBD oil while flying. There’s nothing worse than spilling CBD oil in an enclosed area, so keep an eye on the turbulence warnings!

Driving with CBD: 

Driving with CBD is not illegal, however, driving under the influence of any substance that might impair your driving is not advised. Be aware of how CBD may impact your driving and use your best judgment. Having CBD in the car with you is fine, but we recommend storing it in a place away from direct sunlight and heat. Don’t leave your CBD Oil in the car when you reach your destination. 

Camping or going off the grid: 

Pack your CBD oil in a cooler if you are heading to the woods or trails! This will help keep it from degrading and keep the oils as fresh as the mountain air you’re sure to be enjoying. If you are traveling with CBD topicals for any potential aches and pains? Throw that in a plastic bag or container and store it in the cooler to ensure it won’t melt or impart fragrances onto food. 

No matter what method of travel you are participating in, make sure that any community-stored CBD is kept away from kids and used with pets only under adult supervision. 

No matter where this summer takes you, these hacks will make traveling with CBD fun and easy. Pack along some Rooted Hemp Co. CBD and make your adventure a great one!