Why your dog gets dry skin, and how to soothe it

pet dry skin rooted hemp co cbd pet high potency

We live in the high desert, and while it’s a gorgeous and rugged country, the dry air and high elevation can be a nightmare for skin – both yours and your dogs! Dogs can get dry skin for several reasons:  The weather – we’ve already mentioned that, and you’ve probably experienced this. When it gets […]

Soak up some peace with our calming CBD bath soaking salts

CBD Bath Soaks high potency cbd bath Rooted Hemp Co Bend OR

Rooted Hemp Co. is all about the self care and solo time. You can now enjoy some time on your own in a luxurious bath that eases aches and pains, too!  CBD Bath Soaking Salts are here! Grab your 8oz pouch for $20 and soak up the relaxation.  The idea from these salts came from […]

Return to the great outdoors – with your dog!

cbd and hiking with dogs recovery with cbd topical dog massage

It’s warming up outside and we know that spring brings with it a fresh excitement to get outside. Your pup was probably always ready to go adventuring, but now you’re actually ready to get out there, too! However, humans and dogs usually feel it a bit the next day. Here’s some ideas for using CBD […]

CBD Product Hacks from our Co-Founder, Violet Robles

product hacks cbd oil with bottle dropper

With the cold dry weather, we need to be extra vigilant about protecting our skin and nails from damage. Rooted Hemp Co.’s co-founder, Violet Robles, offers up some tips for using Rooted’s CBD products to help protect against the winter elements.  “I love using it as a cuticle oil and for dry fingers and hands.” She […]

CBD Isolate: advantages and how to use it

jar of CBD isolate from Rooted Hemp Co

CBD isolate is the purest form of CBD available for purchase. Many love it as an alternative to Full or Broad Spectrum CBD. CBD Isolate has no other compounds except for CBD – think of it like CBD isolated by itself in a powdered form. It is odorless and tasteless (we sense a Princesbride joke […]

Rooted Hemp Co. Gift Guide – 2022

CBD gift guide

If you are struggling to fill your holiday shopping list, look no further than Rooted Hemp Co.! Who wouldn’t love to get some lux and chill products from Rooted Hemp Co. this holiday season? But where do you start and what to choose!? We’ve got it all dialed in for you in this very special […]

CBD Thanksgiving Recipes and Cocktails

cbd recipes thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving stay calm, cool and keep the CBD on hand! We’ve got CBD cocktails and recipes to please yourself and your family for the long holiday weekend. Start off with these drink ideas and then scroll down to our Kale Salad – it’s a gorgeous addition to your Thanksgiving table.    Cozy Cocoa with […]

Rooted Hemp Co Celebrates Veterans with 20% off for Vets! (Today and Everyday)

Veteran Rooted Hemp Co

Veteran’s Day is on November 11! Britt, one of the Founders of Rooted Hemp Co, served in the Navy for 8 years. To Britt – and all Veterans everywhere – we are thankful for your service! We always honor Vets with a 20% discount on Rooted Hemp Co. CBD.  Here are the steps to getting […]

Dog Howl-oween Treats with CBD

When your dog barks at every knock and doorbell ring, it can make holidays like Halloween a fright – for your pup and your nerves!  Rooted Hemp Co loves our animals like family and we want them to be feeling good, no matter what ghosts and goblins come knocking. We’ve got a few doggy treats […]

How CBD could help with your workout recovery

cbd workout recovery running

Fall fun runs, benefit walks, and getting back into your gym routine have probably left your muscles screaming for some relief.  Why do you get sore after a workout?  When you work out, your muscles get sore because the muscle and the connective tissue around it gets damaged. This is actually how muscle growth happens […]