High Potency is a High Priority at Rooted Hemp Co

High Potency CBD

CBD Potency explained: 

When you are making a CBD purchase, you may find it hard to choose the level of CBD potency that is right for you. Potency is the strength, or concentration, of CBD in a single product. You’ll find this listed on the bottle, for example, when it says “3000 mg” on the front of the label. If you’re looking at a bottle that says something much lower, like 25 mg, for example, it’s probably referring to the CBD concentration in a single serving size, versus a much higher number that is in the entire bottle. 

high potency cbd

Most CBD companies out there are actually making a product that is a much lower potency of CBD compared to Rooted Hemp CBD products. We don’t like this! At Rooted Hemp, we believe that more is… MORE. You’ll get more of the effects of CBD if you buy a high-quality, high potency product. If you are someone who has tried CBD and wondered if anything was “happening” you might look at the serving size of CBD you are actually getting before making your decision. 

high potency cbd

How to calculate CBD potency: 

Are you looking at a bottle of CBD Tincture right now and scratching your head to find the CBD per serving? Here’s a formula for you! 

Total CBD / #of servings per bottle = amount of CBD per serving (dropper size, usually)

So let’s take our Rooted Hemp Full Spectrum 3000 mg oil for example. The formula would be: 

3000 / 30ml = 100 mg of CBD in a full dropper

If you don’t like math, don’t stress! We’ve done the math for you right on the package. Rooted Hemp CBD oils all come with a measured dropper, so you know exactly the amount of CBD you are getting in a serving. 

For the same product example above, the Full Spectrum 3000 mg: 

¼ of a dropper, or .25ml = 25 mg

½ of dropper, or .50ml = 50 mg

¾ of a dropper, or .75ml = 75 mg

And… yep, a full 1ml in a dropper is 100mg. See how easy that works out? There’s no stress in calculating CBD serving size when you use Rooted Hemp Co.! 

Just to give you something to compare it to, a 30ml bottle of CBD oil that says it has 1500 mg of CBD would have the following amounts: 

1500 / 30ml = 50 mg of CBD in a full dropper 

If you want to see the breakdown: 

¼ of a dropper, or .25ml = 12.5 mg

½ of dropper, or .50ml = 25 mg

¾ of a dropper, or .75ml = 37.5 mg

high potency cbd

The downside to using lower potency CBD products: 

In a lower-potency CBD product, you are getting less CBD per serving. But what are you typically getting instead? In most cases, it’s more oils, sugars, and artificial flavorings. 

The other downside if you are a frequent, or experienced CBD user, is that you may be returning to that bottle more often. Experiment with your serving size and see if a higher potency product could be right for you and your wellness needs. 

high potency cbd

How Rooted Hemp CBD is different from other CBD on the market

Here’s the highlights of why Rooted Hemp Co. CBD is different – check it out: 

  1. High potency CBD means you’ll get the desired effects/potential benefits you are looking for
  2. We are keto-friendly – no sugars!
  3. You get less oil per/serving
  4. Rooted Hemp Co uses black bottles to prevent light degradation
  5. Less oil per serving
  6. Our products use CBD that is extracted through an organic ethanol extraction process
  7. We make everything in small batches, as we need it, rather than allowing products to sit around in our warehouse.

Keep the Potency Powerful! Tips to make our CBD last:  

Ok so you’ve invested in a higher potency, quality CBD product – that’s great! Here’s some tips to really make it last: 

  • Keep it in the fridge – especially our Pet oils that have added avocado and salmon oils. This really helps prolong the shelf life of the product. Keep this in mind through the hot summer months and if you take your CBD along with you on any adventures this summer!
  • Store in a cool, dark place (our black bottles help with that too!) 
  • Using a higher potency CBD product means you have more flexibility to adjust your serving size up or down if you want to. 

Shop our high potency CBD products! 

Ready to try high potency CBD? We have Full Spectrum CBD Oil at 3000 mg, and Clear Solution also at 3000 mg and also available in tasty flavors like Citrus, Mint or Vanilla. All of our CBD oils are sourced from organically grown Central Oregon hemp and are third-party tested. 

Give Rooted Hemp Co. CBD high potency products a try and let us know what you think!