Is it OK to Use CBD Long Term?

Long Term CBD

As cannabidiol (CBD) continues to gain widespread notoriety for its incredible health benefits, it is important to consider if CBD is okay to use long term. Simply put, yes, CBD is very safe to use over the course of many years if you wish. Although research on long-term side effects is limited at this point, there is no solid evidence that CBD is dangerous to use long-term. In fact, CBD is generally considered to be a fantastic tool for improving the user’s quality of life over an extended period of time. This is especially true for people dealing with chronic illnesses such as dementia, arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, memory loss, anxiety, and many more ailments.

Below is a brief explanation of how CBD and the human body interact with each other. We will also take a quick look at the individual components of CBD and what they are made of. Lastly, we will examine the benefits of CBD and some potential short-term side effects that people should be aware of if they are new to using CBD.

What is CBD?

CBD is a naturally-occurring substance harvested from the cannabis (or hemp) plant. Think of CBD as an herbal remedy. It is a fantastic alternative healthcare treatment for a wide variety of common ailments and is becoming more widely accepted each year.

Yes, it is the same plant that humans extract marijuana from. However, CBD is not THC, and does not produce a psychoactive effect that produces a “high.” In fact, cannabis plants contain more than 80 different chemicals known as cannabinoids. In its natural state, and when used correctly, CBD oil is completely non-toxic. In fact, some research shows that as an appropriate amount of CBD is built up and maintained within the body’s systems, those systems perform more efficiently and consistently over a greater period of time. This is why many people treat CBD just like a daily multivitamin. Except CBD is much more effective and has incredibly positive and beneficial effects than many multivitamins currently on the market.

CBD is available in a variety of forms, including oils, edibles, tinctures, and creams. Oils and edibles are some of the most popular types of products, as they are easy to consume and transport. Oils are typically the most effective way to begin experiencing the benefits of CBD in a relatively short amount of time. Applying a dosage via a dropper beneath the tongue ensures it is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream. This may produce too strong of a reaction for some people, so try creams or edibles for a less intense effect.

How is CBD beneficial to the human body?

The effects of CBD have an internal impact on the body’s systems and can have good long-term effects on the human body. Improvements to blood pressure, hormone production, digestion, heart rate, and more are quite common. Some people even give CBD to their pets to help with reduced pain and stress. For CBD to have a negative effect, the user would need to take a very unreasonable dosage and even then it would not be life-threatening.

As mentioned above, CBD is essentially a chemical. Our bodies also produce cannabinoids, which are called endocannabinoids, and interact with CBD when introduced to each other. This interaction takes place via the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS is an extremely vast and complex system of receptors that help regulate many brain and bodily functions. When CBD is introduced to our ECS, many systems throughout the body become more balanced in their performance and function. This helps improve our health virtually across the board and covers everything from reduced pain, healthier skin, improved mood, energy, immune systems, and much more. For some people, the reaction may be different depending on their physical and mental health, weight, age, gender, body type, etc. This also means using CBD is not a one-size-fits-all solution to improving our health. Using CBD effectively takes time, patience, and research. Thankfully, there are endless resources online for those interested in learning more. And of course, we always recommend consulting with a doctor as well.

What are some potential side effects of CBD?

Although using CBD is extremely beneficial to the human body, there are some possible side effects to be aware of. Prolonged fatigue, diarrhea, irritability, or dry mouth are probably the most common negative side effects people experience when using CBD. These are generally temporary as the body becomes accustomed to CBD. They can also be taken care of by adjusting the dosage.

These occur mostly among newer users who are perhaps not being very cautious when first introducing CBD into their bodies. Starting with a high dosage can cause some potential health problems. Those taking prescription medications should also be aware of potential adverse reactions to CBD. CBD can either absorb the medication or otherwise interfere with its ability to treat the prescribed condition. This can pose a serious risk to some people, so it is very important to consider when deciding to use CBD. Always consult with a doctor or healthcare provider if you are thinking about using CBD.

It is also very important to use quality, safe CBD products. This cannot be overstated. Because the FDA does not regulate CBD, there are a plethora of cheap products that are either completely ineffective or in some cases entirely fabricated. Research the brands you are interested in and carefully examine the packaging. Stick to companies that are committed to sustainable harvesting and produce non-GMO and organic products. If you can, choose brands that are local to your area. This will help ensure you are getting maximum results from your CBD, and are enjoying the same benefits humans have experienced from CBD for generations. When used diligently and correctly, the long-term effects of CBD can be quite beneficial.

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