Your personal guide to holiday travel with CBD

Your guide to holiday travel with CBD

Your guide to holiday travel with CBD

As millions of Americans begin their holiday travels, no doubt a large portion of these people are bringing along their favorite CBD products. Federally legal, CBD laws can vary a little state by state so it is important to know the best ways for bringing CBD with you regardless of the specific product and form it may take, whether it be gummies, oils, edibles, etc.

If you depend on CBD for reducing anxiety, muscle soreness, and helping to stay calm, the holidays are an essential time of year for CBD enthusiasts, especially for the ones journeying to see friends and relatives. The stress of airports, muscle cramps during road trips, and the anxiety of getting to your destination can all add up to some serious holiday season stress.

Below are a few general pointers on the laws about transporting CBD across state lines, and some best practices to make sure your travel plans go as smoothly as possible.

CBD and air travel

The Transportation Security Administration has (thankfully) dramatically improved its policies on the transportation of CBD consumer products. In short, as long as your CBD contains no more than .3% THC, you should have no issue taking it onto a plan as either a carry-on or checked item in your luggage. TSA agents have no business confiscating your CBD or detaining you for having it.

Few environments can be more stress-inducing than a busy airport during heavy travel seasons. If you use CBD for stress, this is probably one of the best places and times to use it. This goes for the newcomers as well. If you have thought about using CBD to calm your nerves, consider using it in preparation for your trip across the airways of the US.

CBD and car travel

Making your way by car? No problem! Make sure your CBD is at less than .3% and it should be perfectly fine to carry across state lines. Also, do not be concerned about getting pulled over with an open container of CBD. Remember, CBD does not produce a “high” effect like THC and does not produce any psychoactive effects. If for whatever reason you do get pulled over and the officer searches your vehicle, finding open (or closed) CBD should be a non-issue.

CBD and mass transit

The same rules apply here as they do to our two previous categories: as long as your CBD meets FDA-approved standards you should have no concerns traveling with it on a legal basis. Do not feel the need to declare you are in possession of CBD to any mass transit staff, and do not be concerned with any sort of special packaging that marks it as CBD. Just worry about getting to your destination!

Sitting in a stationary, cramped position for prolonged periods of time can wreck our bodies. Use CBD to relax muscle tension and promote a quick recovery, and use it to help keep a clear head while you concentrate on staying safe on the road.

What CBD products are best to travel with?

CBD products are generally very easy to travel with. Most of them, regardless of format, can be divided into smaller containers for quick little snacks, or can be easily stored in most carry-on bags, purses, duffel bags, backpacks, etc. Consider mixing your tincture into your water bottle, or put a bit of lotion into a travel bottle before you hit the road. Bringing your furry friends along? Don’t forget to bring some for them as well. So what is the best CBD product to travel with? Whichever one is your favorite!

Leaving the US with CBD in your possession?

Just because it’s no big deal to own CBD in the United States does not mean that is the same case for other countries. Always take the time to carefully understand the laws of CBD use and possession for the country you are going to. CBD is still illegal in some countries such as Iceland, Monaco, Montenegro, Cambodia, and Vietnam. Also included is most of Africa and the Middle East (except Lebanon). Just take a few extra minutes before departing for your trip to make sure you and your CBD will be safe throughout your journey. If you can, never leave home without it!