CBD for Dogs

CBD for Dogs

5 Reasons Your Dog Will Love CBD

We all want the best for our canine friends. But sometimes easy to worry that we might not be doing enough for their health. If you are searching for a way to improve your dog’s quality of life, you might consider giving it CBD.

As we have pointed out many times on our blog, humans have been enjoying the benefits of CBD for millennia. Its recent resurgence in popularity among the general population has proven its usefulness for many common health issues. CBE helps with everything from reduced joint pain, improved mood, better sleep, and a stronger immune system.

The compounds within the cannabis plant (of which CBD is one), play a big role in improving humans’ overall health and wellness. How it does this specifically is through our endocannabinoid system. By interacting with our ECS, CBD helps balance hormone production, improve brain function, and fortify our immune system. Improving these systems kicks off a domino effect, allowing our body’s systems to function properly and better repair themselves. As it turns out, dogs have an ECS system almost identical to humans (as do many other animals).

For these reasons, giving CBD to dogs can be a practical, safe, and highly effective approach to improving their health. Below are five reasons we are confident your dog will love CBD.

1 Travel

Not every dog handles travel well. A lot of strange faces, places, smells, and sounds add up to a downright traumatic and unpleasant situation. Flying with dogs can be particularly taxing on their mental health. Be a more courteous passenger and compassionate dog owner by giving them a bit of CBD to get through the flight.

By activating the dog’s ECS, your animal will feel more relaxed and will handle the plane environment far better. If you are worried about your dog falling into too deep a sleep or becoming overly fatigued, don’t be. Experiment by giving your dog CBD before the flight to see how they handle it. We recommend starting a CBD regimen perhaps up to a couple of weeks before your departure. This will help you determine the dosage your dog needs, and how well their body will react to CBD.

CBD is a natural alternative to other drugs on the market, and won’t make your dog groggy upon waking.

2. Joint pain

One of the most popular uses for CBD among humans is for relieving joint pain. As a dog continues to age, the many years of running, jumping, bounding, and pouncing will start to catch up with them. You’ll notice chronic limping, slow movement, and perhaps even a melancholy disposition in your dog.

They aren’t playing as much and laying around more not just because they’re tired. A big reason is that they simply can’t handle the pain of moving like they once did. Consider CBD for your dog especially if it’s experiencing a degenerative joint disease, arthritis, or canine degenerative myelopathy. CBD can do wonders for easing their pain and giving them major relief in their waning years. Few things in life are harder than watching our dogs suffer as they age. As dogs are prone to be very susceptible to joint issues later in life, CBD can be the perfect tool to improve how they spend their final years. If used correctly and consistently, you will notice improved movement, mood, and energy in your dog. But be patient, it likely won’t take effect instantly. Give the dog CBD regularly for at least a couple of weeks before expecting any major results.

3. Loud environments

Few dogs handle loud environments well. Their high-powered ears can absorb all kinds of sounds that humans simply can’t notice. Therefore, it might be easy for us to realize how too much noise harms our dogs’ mental health.

If you live in a condensed area, busy city, or larger household, your dog may be very stressed from the regular commotion. This may cause them to appear constantly on edge, overactive, aggressive, and uncooperative. They may not be sleeping well, aren’t following commands, and might seem untrainable. They’re trying their best to do their job as your trusted companion. The noise is simply too much for them to handle, however. Thankfully, this is a very fixable issue.

Giving CBD to your dog to deal with loud noises may be the best strategy available to you. Introduce CBD to your dog’s diet a little bit each day, and carefully observe their attitude as time passes. If the symptoms above start to fade, you know the CBD is working.

4. Leaving the house

You and your dog go everywhere together. Or at least, that’s how you’d like it to be. But if you’re a working adult in the 21st century, that likely isn’t an option every day of the week. If your dog simply can’t handle prolonged periods of time without you, CBD might be the solution. CBD can be a wonderful tool to help alleviate the anxiety some dogs have with being left home alone.

It might just be eight hours, but your dog doesn’t understand the concept of time. For all it knows, it’s going to be a nightmarish eternity from here on out. This might lead to unruly behavior. This is a coping mechanism that might include chewing up cushions, barking non-stop, or scratching up doors and walls. Excessive property damage, cranky neighbors, and a stressed-out dog might all be avoided with a little CBD. As explained earlier, CBD can help ease your dog’s mental state, improve its mood, and help it remain more relaxed. Simply give it a bit of CBD every day and see what happens. Since you can’t observe your dog when you’re away, you might have to put up some remote cameras or ask the neighbors to tell you if they observe changed behavior.

5. Pain relief

If your dog is experiencing chronic pain for any reason, provide it with professional veterinary care. However, if your dog is experiencing constant pain, consider CBD to help them cope until the vet can. As with humans, when dogs are suffering, they likely aren’t sleeping well, eating properly, or are aggressive and irritable. Unlike humans, however, dogs can’t tell us what’s wrong with them. It’s up to us to help them, and CBD can be the best shorter-term way to do that. CBD will help reduce the number of issues causing them pain. Everything from inflammation, speeding up the healing process from a wound or rash and improving their overall mood. If your dog appears visibly uncomfortable, adding CBD oil to their favorite food or treat can go a long way.

If you think CBD for your dog might be a good idea, we highly recommend you contact your veterinarian first. If your dog is using any medication or other prescription drug, then we insist you speak with your vet first. CBD might interfere with the drug’s effectiveness, or cause other problems.

Always stick with organic, high-quality CBD products designed specifically for pets. This will help ensure they are getting the same benefits humans have been enjoying for generations. And even if your dog can’t thank you directly, you’ll see it in the way they play, listen, and love you every day.