Why Bend is an Awesome Place for Dogs to Live

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The population of Bend, Oregon, hovers at around 97,000. Ask any of these inhabitants what they like about their home city, and you’ll likely get an array of enthusiastic answers, mostly gushing about the skiing, the lack of traffic, the breweries, and the fact that Bend has no sales tax. Of course, that’s just the human population. Bend, Oregon is also home to thousands of happy canine inhabitants, and if they could talk, they would give you a few different answers about what they loved about their home city. 

It’s estimated that about 49 percent of the population of Bend have canine companions, leading to the city being affectionately nicknamed, “Dog Town, USA.” What is it about Bend, specifically, that makes it such a great place for dogs to live? Read on to find out: 

You can Take Your Dog Outdoors

Dogs appreciate nature just as much as we do, if not more; indeed, few things will make your pet pooch happier than a run outside in the wilderness, chasing birds, playing with other dogs, and sniffing everything to their heart’s content. The spectacular volume of plant life that Bend and the surrounding area has to offer will provide plenty of smells for your dog to enjoy; trees, flowers, grass, and everything in between will make for some very enjoyable walks. 

It’s even better if you can get your dog off the leash every once in a while, and Bend has a few dog parks where you can legally do just that. If you happen to have a dog that enjoys the water, head to the Bob Wenger Memorial Off-Leash Area, a massive dog park with sprinklers set up just for your furry friends. 

The city of Bend is so dog-friendly that even nearby Mt. Bachelor has an off-leash area; head there during the winter and have some fun frolicking in the snow with your pet. If you and your buddy are up for a challenge, you can even put your dog on the pet-friendly chairlift on Mt. Bachelor, where you’ll be carried upwards to the start of a great hike. 

Dog Friendly Restaurants and Breweries

The human population of Bend will tell you that the restaurants and breweries are a big part of the city’s appeal. While you’re unlikely to see a dog waltz into one of those restaurants and ask for a menu, there are over forty restaurants in the city that will happily allow you to bring Rover along. This is also true of many of Bend’s breweries, so after a long, energetic walk, you’ll be able to relax with a beer while your best friend nuzzles up to a bowl of ice-cold water. 

Take Your Dog Shopping

Of course, your furry friend doesn’t just want to accompany you as you enjoy the restaurants and breweries of Bend; he wants to get treated himself a bit, too! Fortunately, the city of Bend has plenty of places where you can do this. Head to Ruffwear to stock up on some outdoor gear for your adventures on the nearby mountain; or grab some handmade treats at one of the city’s dog bakeries. The city has plenty of pet stores so you can spoil the canines in your life before taking them to enjoy Bend’s many sights and adventures. 

A Day at Doggie Daycare

Of course, as much as you’d like them to, your dog can’t accompany you everywhere you go. Fortunately, if you’re planning a getaway that doesn’t include your pets, you can set them up with a getaway of their own. Bend, Oregon is home to plenty of popular doggy daycares, as well as dog hotels, where your animal can enjoy days playing with other dogs and even being pampered with a fancy bath and a nail treatment. Dog hotels like Pet Paradise offer a clean, safe place for your animals to stay while you’re off on an adventure of your own; send them off for a vacation with their favorite toy and relax knowing they’re safe and enjoying plenty of playtime. 

A Healthy Place for Dogs to Live

Dogs, like people, need access to good medical care, and fortunately, Bend is home to many great veterinarians who can take care of your pet, should the need arise. It’s also a healthy place for dogs in general, since the quiet pace and natural beauty of the environment allows for a stimulating, but low-stress area for canines to live. It’s a happy place, and that means happy dogs. 

Bend, Oregon, is also home to specialty stores where you can seek out products that promote canine health. Rooted Hemp Co. is one such example; they specialize in CBD products, which are great for dogs that suffer from arthritis, anxiety, and other inflammatory conditions. Regularly including locally-purchased CBD oil in your dog’s health regimen will lead to a calmer, more mobile, and all around happier puppy. 

A Place That’s Always Dog Friendly

Dog Fancy magazine once referred to Bend as the most dog-friendly city in the United States, and if you could ask the dogs themselves, they’d probably agree. The fact is that it’s simply a city that loves dogs, is full of dog loving residents, and has plenty of places for your pets to roam freely and enjoy. If you’re looking to adopt an animal, there are plenty of places in Bend where you can do that, too. Ultimately, it’s a city where dogs can be happy, and as anyone who has ever had a loving canine companion knows, that happiness is certainly contagious.