Understanding CBD Topicals

Understanding CBD Topicals

Topical cannabidiol (CBD) is available in a wide variety of forms. These include: body oil, lotions, balms, serums, patches, and bath salts. The popularity of CBD has exploded in recent years, and companies are rushing to provide innovative and convenient products. Understanding CBD topicals is more important now than ever before. Topical CBD products are available almost anywhere thanks to the hard work of passionate professionals across the industry. The beauty of topical products is that they are easy to use and begin working almost right away, bringing near-instant relief to sore muscles and joints.


How to use it


The product can be applied directly to the skin wherever pain or discomfort is felt. Using CBD this way prevents it from entering the bloodstream and only works on and near the area it is applied. Use more product until the desired effect is reached. You will be able to use less product and achieve results quicker by choosing products with a higher concentration of CBD. For bath salt users, pay extra attention to the recommended amount to be used and time spent in the bath.


Will I get high?


In short, no. CBD topicals are designed to provide comfort and relief. Cannabinoids penetrate our skin and interact with our endocannabinoid receptors, helping with flexibility and mobility in our body. Because the CBD will not enter the bloodstream, it will not cause any feeling of intoxication. Results may be felt within minutes and could last up to two or four hours. We recommend anyone trying CBD topicals should start with small doses and work their way up. Some people react negatively to CBD, so it is very important to approach it with caution and responsibility. If you have questions or concerns about using CBD we strongly recommend contacting us or your healthcare provider first. 


What CBD topical is right for me?


There really is something for everyone with so many different types of topical CBD products available. Athletes have been incorporating CBD into their post-workout recovery sessions for years. And senior citizens enjoy it for all types of joint relief. Dry and irritated skin? CBD topical creams and lotions will load your skin with incredibly powerful nutrients and help fortify it for long lasting health and wellness.


What else is in CBD topicals?


Because CBD topical products are available in such a wide range of options, many companies combine them with other health-centric ingredients that combine to offer nutrients that our bodies crave. Shea butter and oils like coconut, avocado, jojoba, and vitamin are common to find in CBD topicals. These products are literal powerhouses that will dramatically improve our skin when combined with CBD. Water-based products are absorbed more quickly into the skin, providing a quicker and more effective result. Gels and lotions work in the same way. Oils are absorbed a bit slower but reach deeper into the skin for longer-lasting effects. 


Where do I find the best CBD topicals?


Finding the best CBD topicals requires nothing more than a bit of research. Look for CBD sourced from hemp or traditional cannabis that actually contains CBD. Unfortunately there are companies who have forged products to seem like CBD but are not. The fact is, not everything out there will deliver as promised. To put it simply, not all CBD products are created equally.


In summary, CBD topicals are a wonderful way for people to enjoy effective relief and comfort from sore muscles and joints. They are also very effective because of how they are applied. There are few options better than CBD topicals for thorough and targeted relief. Thanks to their prolific availability and affordability, anyone can begin experimenting with what works best for them.