How to Store CBD for Best Potency

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We have had a whole lotta heat this summer, and we at Rooted Hemp Co. hope that you are staying cool and hydrated. As you keep an eye on kids, pets, elderly neighbors, and yourself remember to check in on your CBD storage, too! Here’s how to properly store CBD to keep it as fresh as possible. 

Protect CBD in the summer heat 

When the temperature goes up, keep your CBD oil and topical products in a cool, dry place. Don’t leave CBD in a hot car or next to a window that gets full sun. Light and heat degrade the oil and cause it to lose potency. 

There are key environmental factors that contribute to how fast CBD oil can degrade: 

Light: Those dark bottles are not just for looks – CBD oil is protected from UV light so that the energy filtering in the bottles is minimal and will reduce any reactions that may break down the natural oils and cannabinoids. 

Heat: Ambient and direct heat will also cause a degradation in oils and substances over time. 

Air: Exposure to oxygen is another major factor that can cause CBD to degrade. If CBD is exposed to all three of these environmental factors, they play into each other and cause CBD to go “off” faster. 

How to tell if CBD oil has gone bad: 

If CBD is past its prime, its smell and consistency will be noticeably off. Have you ever noticed when Olive oil or other cooking oils go rancid? They just get kinda funky! CBD oil has the same tendency to smell that way, so you’ll know it’s just not the freshest when you go to take your normal serving of CBD. 

Aside from the smell, you will notice a change in taste. It will taste rancid rather than nutty, earthy or grassy as it usually tastes (unless it’s a flavored oil product). 

Another clue that CBD has gone bad will be its consistency. The CBD oil will become thick and murky, which is different than cloudy! Cloudiness is perfectly normal and can happen when you refrigerate oils. Not to worry, your CBD oil will “melt” back to normal consistency if you let it sit at room temperature for a couple of minutes. However, if you remove the dropper and notice signs of darkness and a thicker viscosity, that’s a sure sign your CBD needs to be tossed. 

Can you still use CBD if it’s expired? 

You could – but why would you want to? It’s unlikely to make you sick, but the chemical nature of the cannabinoids will have changed. So it’s best to pick up a fresh bottle or grab one online to ensure you’re getting the desired effect! 

CBD Storage Checklist: 

  • Keep it in a cool place. The fridge works well! If you don’t want to store in the fridge, a cool, dark cupboard is fine. If you are storing CBD long-term, you can also store it in the freezer. 
  • Store topicals out of the heat as well. Room temperature is fine, but if you are going out of the house or traveling, consider packing them along in a cooler. See our travel guide blog for more tips on this!
  • Look for expiration dates or use-by dates either on the outside packaging or the inner product bottle or jar.
  • Aim to consume an opened bottle of CBD oil within 6 months for the best taste, quality, and freshness. 
  • Watch out for these signs that CBD oil has gone bad: rancid flavor, thick, murky viscosity, an off smell.

    CBD expiration date

Going on a trip? 

See our CBD and Travel blog for tips and guidelines for traveling with CBD this summer. Stay cool, and keep your CBD cooler. Shop with Rooted Hemp Co. if you need some quality, high-potency CBD this summer.