How CBD Can Help When Working From Home

CBD for working from home

Simply put, a lot changed in 2020. The social and economic upheaval brought on by COVID-19 transformed millions of lives across the planet, and a year later, we are still feeling the full effect of what the virus has done to our day-to-day lives.

For many of us, one of the most dramatic day-to-day changes was the need to suddenly begin working from home on an indefinite or permanent basis. Working remotely and alone comes with benefits and downsides, and this likely depends on your personality and the type of work you do. If you are a social, Type A team player, working from home might be an immense challenge. If you are more of a hermit, perhaps working from home is the greatest thing that ever happened to you.

Regardless of how working from home affects you, it is important to remain focused on work, overcome the unique distractions of a home-office environment, and stay positive as we navigate uncertain times. For those seeking tools to help with these key tenets of the WFH life, many are turning to the numerous benefits offered by CBD.

What is CBD?

An organic extract of the cannabis plant, cannabidiol (CBD) has exploded in popularity since its legalization throughout much of the United States. Although humans have used it for thousands of years, we are only just now rediscovering its many health benefits. Unlike tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the euphoric ingredient extracted from the marijuana species of cannabis, CBD does not produce a “high” effect, and it is not considered medically addictive. It is non-psychoactive, with numerous studies proving its medical benefits.

It is a popular option for athletes seeking solutions for post-workout recovery, it is widely believed to improve gut health, and seniors use it for reducing chronic joint and muscle pain as they age.

Read on to learn about a few more specific benefits of CBD that may help your work-from-home lifestyle.

Reduced Depression and Anxiety

One of the most prolific and common WFH symptoms is an increased amount of anxiety or depression. It may come from feeling disconnected with teams and colleagues which may cause you to feel disconnected from your work in general. Perhaps the uncertainty and foreignness of working from home is stressful, or battling a new set of stressful distractions like the presence of children or noisy neighbors is more than you can bare.

CBD is known to decrease anxiety by interacting with the cannabinoid type 1 receptor, and the serotonin 5-HT1A receptor, and other receptors in our brains that regulate anxiety-induced behaviors. By helping to balance our serotonin levels, CBD can be very helpful for maintaining a calm and relaxing presence while at work. Try using CBD oils or eat an organic, handcrafted edible to see how your anxiety and stress levels will decrease after a few uses.

Improved Mood and Motivation

If we experience anxiety by working from home, it is possible this same level of anxiety is affecting our sleep patterns, which can kill our mood and motivation to work through the day. CBD may be helpful for those struggling with this issue, again, by affecting the serotonin neurotransmitters in our brains. By triggering our body’s naturally occurring “feel-good” ingredient, CBD may improve our mood by letting us achieve a fuller, deeper sleep cycle. Additionally, by boosting the body’s ability to produce serotonin, we may be in a more positive and upbeat mood while working. Try adding a drop of flavored CBD oil to a cup of tea, or add a diffuser to your office to see if CBD will help improve your ability to stay positive during these uncertain and strange times.

Boost Concentration and Focus

Everyone knows what it feels like when our minds completely shut off and our concentration has all but dried up. Instead of sitting like a lump in your chair that is about to nod off, consider using CBD to help increase mental focus and boost your energy to finish the day strong. For the quickest result, place a drop of CBD oil directly under your tongue and wait for it to take effect. For a slow and steady approach, an edible or capsule will work just fine. Some people find that capsules and edibles are a good way to prolong the effect CBD has on their mental acuity, providing a longer stretch of focus.

Quit Smoking or Other Unhealthy Habits

Working from home can be a major source of constant distractions, and with little to no supervision from superiors, picking up old habits to fill time or occupy the mind can be all too easy. CBD can be a wonderful option for fighting addictions, especially smokers who are addicted to nicotine. Found in all tobacco products, nicotine, unlike CBD, is highly addictive and can lead to major withdrawals (not to mention the many health risks associated with smoking in the first place). Some other common bad habits people have include drinking, eating junk food (or stress eating), watching TV, or looking at our phones. All of these have negative health risks, and CBD is a safe and healthy replacement that can help steer people back on the road to productivity and a healthier lifestyle, even when working from home.

In Conclusion

CBD has been used to promote good health by millions of people throughout history, so there is no reason we should not consider using CBD when we are faced with the struggles and stressors of sudden change in our lives. Working from home presents a range of challenges many of us are not used to dealing with, and we should not forget the benefits CBD provides our minds and bodies with while we work to maintain focus, stay motivated, and be productive in an unfamiliar work environment.

If you would like to learn more about the specific health benefits CBD provides, and what products might be the best option for your WFH environment (or for your lifestyle in general) visit our blog, give us a call, or browse our catalog of premium CBD products that are carefully handcrafted from the finest hemp Oregon has to offer.