5 Types of CBD Products

5 Types of CBD Products

5 Types of CBD Products

CBD is gaining popularity among Americans at lightning speed. As more people discover its tremendous health benefits, they inevitably become curious (or perhaps overwhelmed) about all the CBD products available to them. Below are a few of the more popular ways both humans, and animals use CBD. 

This short guide might help you understand what type of product is best for you. Or use it to help decide where you might begin your CBD journey.

These include CBD oil, edibles, topical products, CBD isolate, and CBD products geared for pets. Finding the best CBD product involves understanding the different types of CBD extracts and compounds that are out there.

CBD oil

CBD oil is probably the most popular way people enjoy CBD today. It is available in seemingly-countless varieties. Everything from the flavor, additional compounds, and ingredients, to CBD concentration, can be determining factors in what the best CBD oil is.

Another reason so many people like using CBD oil is the ease with which it is consumed. The quickest and most effective way is to simply put a few drops under your tongue. It’s the quickest way for CBD to get into your bloodstream, and only takes a few seconds. Other people like adding it to their favorite beverage. Whether it be their morning coffee, water bottle, or soda. It doesn’t necessarily matter what drink you choose. What matters is finding the right dosage that will help you achieve your health goals quicker. Perhaps you are looking for relief from pain, workout recovery, improved mood, or just a more healthy body. CBD oil is a powerful tool to help you achieve your health goals in a safe, all-natural way.


CBD edibles are another immensely popular way of consuming CBD. One reason they are so popular is that they are available as cookies, gummies, brownies, hard candy, and much more. This makes them easy to transport, consume discretely, and requires no preparation. Pack a few pieces of chocolate into your lunch before you head off to work. Share a few gummies with friends. Or surprise your houseguests with a fresh batch of brownies for dessert (with their permission, of course).

Because the CBD market is so explosive, and due to the popularity of edibles, there is an endless supply of options to try. Enjoy taking some time to explore as many as you like. We are confident it won’t be long before you find your go-to favorite.


If you are suffering from skin conditions like acne, psoriasis, eczema, sunburns, or dry skin, try CBD topicals. CBD topical products are easy to use and transport, and have the potential to offer amazing health benefits for our skin. It can also help reduce pain and inflammation in joints and muscle tissue. However, CBD absorbed through the skin takes longer to enter the bloodstream than oils or edibles. This makes topical products a good option for those who might be more sensitive to CBD or aren’t interested in getting a stronger, more immediate effect.

By applying CBD topicals to our skin, we activate receptors within the skin that includes benefits for our entire body. Most notably, pain, inflammation, and stress can be greatly reduced with CBD topicals. If you have other skin irritations, cuts, or itching, CBD creams and lotions can help heal them quickly. Additionally, a greater sense of well-being and calmness can be felt throughout the body. Your local massage therapist likely uses CBD creams and lotions on their clients for these very reasons.

CBD isolate

CBD isolate is the purest form of CBD available for purchase. It is an alternative to more popular CBD extracts like full spectrum and broad spectrum CBD. It is very refined and contains no other compounds except for CBD. It also has no taste or odor at all. This makes CBD isolate a wonderful option for a variety of reasons. For anyone looking to stay entirely away from THC, CBD isolates are perfect. If you are subject to drug testing, are concerned about THC, or need to make sure you aren’t consuming it, CBD isolate is the way to go. If you want or need to take higher doses of CBD, CBD isolates are also a fantastic option.

Some people who are sensitive to THC or other compounds commonly found in CBD should also consider CBD isolates. First-time users of CBD will often try CBD isolates at first. This allows them to more fully understand how CBD will specifically affect their body without the interference of other compounds.

For the best CBD isolate, look for dispensaries carrying products sourced from organically grown hemp. Hemp-derived CBD with no synthetic additives or other compounds will provide the best benefits, regardless of if it is a CBD isolate product or not.

CBD for pets

Yes, CBD for pets is a thing, and it is growing in popularity by leaps and bounds each year. And for good reason. Especially for our aging animal friends, CBD can do wonders to improve their quality of life as they reach their twilight years. Common issues such as joint pain, seizures, poor mood, and inflammation can all be reduced by regular use of CBD. CBD is especially popular for animals dealing with high stress and aggressiveness. For instance, dogs living in noisy environments or dogs who can’t handle being left alone for too long might benefit well from using CBD.

CBD is completely safe to give your pet every day. Add a dose of CBD oil to their food or give them a CBD-infused treat for good behavior. Pay careful attention to how their demeanor changes over the next few days. If you don’t notice a change within that period, consider increasing the dosage. Before starting your pet on CBD, we strongly encourage you to speak with your veterinarian about it first.

Of course, we also recommend our human customers speak with their medical doctors about using CBD as well. This is especially true for our customers already taking any prescription medications. CBD may interact with your medication in unintended ways, and interfere with its effectiveness. Although CBD is incredibly safe to use and is completely non-lethal, it is not worth the risk. Talk to your doctor before enjoying all the benefits CBD has to offer for that extra peace of mind.