CBD Cocktail for Valentine’s Day

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A night in for your sweetie (and you)

Fancy restaurants are cool and all, but when you’ve got an easy and oh so pretty CBD cocktail like this one, you won’t miss going out at all. This Valentine’s Day, let CBD be your wing man (or person) for a fantastic night with the one you love. We’ve got a CBD cocktail for Valentine’s Day and loads of ideas for other togetherness. 

Are you wondering what CBD can do for your love life? Picture this…

Set the scene: 

Start the night off with greeting your lover at the door with a drink at the ready! Our CBD Cocktail recipe below hits all the right love notes. Sweet, but not cloying, and a gorgeous shade of pink. There’s even Prosecco in it! As lovely as this drink is, it’s surprisingly a low-maintenance lover. You can mix these up in the time it takes you to say “I love you” (or “drop your pants”, your choice!) 

cbd cocktail valentines day rooted hemp co

Here’s how to make our love-ly CBD cocktail for Valentine’s Day: 

Valentine’s Sweetheart Cocktail

with Rooted Hemp Co. CBD

Here’s our take on a cosmopolitan with some bubbles – because who doesn’t love a little extra sparkle on Valentine’s Day? Make up one of these for you and your honey and cheers to your love (and excellent cocktail making skills.)

Makes 1 drink: 


2 oz vodka

2 oz cranberry juice

2 tablespoons pomegranate seeds


25-50 mg of Clear Solution CBD oil Vanilla

Rose petals for garnish


In a shaker with ice, add the vodka and cranberry juice. Shake well. Spoon the pomegranate seeds into the bottom of a martini glass. Pour in the strained vodka cranberry mixture, and fill to the top with prosecco. Top off with the desired amount of CBD and cheers with your sweetheart! 

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Take it to the next level: 

After a fantastic dinner and drinks, you need to move this party to the next level. Nibble on a CBD Dark Chocolate while you draw a bath for you and your sweetie and include some CBD bath soak.

Then give each other a rub down with CBD Massage oil, adding triple rose oil or jasmine for a scent-uous experience. 

We’ll let you take it from there… (wink!) 

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Love, Rooted Hemp Co. CBD