Rooted Athlete Spotlight: Darrin Mees

Darrin Mees

Darrin Mees has been racing for most of his life. From dirt bikes to snowmobiles, he’s a dedicated athlete. He’s been to the X-Games no less than 7 times and is a professional snow bike racer. He also uses CBD and is a big supporter of Rooted Hemp Co.

Mees’s road to success is a long one, including several years when he thought he would have to give up racing in order to support his family. Nevertheless, he persevered and is now a professional snow bike racer traveling all across the country to compete. 

Now, at 30, Mees is thinking long term and how best to take care of his body. For any athlete, soreness and injury can be a serious problem. The faster you are able to recover, the faster you’re able to get your head back in the game, which is where Rooted Hemp’s CBD products come into the picture. For Mees, CBD has been a major factor in improving his health and performance, both physically and mentally. 

Why Athletes Need CBD

CBD has become a hot topic for athletes across all kinds of different sports. From golfing to snow bike racing, many are finding relief and reaping its benefits. From injuries to mental stamina, CBD has shown to be an effective treatment. 

For athletes especially, CBD can be a lifesaver. Not only is it good for mental stress and focus, but it also assists in injury recovery. Here are some of the ways it’s helped athletes like Darrin Mees and others to be at the top of their game.

1. Helps With Injury Recovery and Inflammation

For any athlete, strained muscles and injuries can be a serious problem. The more downtime you have, the less time you have for training and practice. Fortunately, CBD can help. Oftentimes, the pain we experience from a pulled muscle is caused by inflammation, and CBD interacts with your internal endocannabinoid system to help reduce inflammation and the perception of pain for a faster recovery.

2. Manages Sleep and Stress

Taking CBD before a stressful task can lower anxiety and stress. Too much stress can have a profoundly negative impact on your ability to concentrate on your sport. In a high-adrenaline situation, it’s crucial to have a fast reaction time and to be able to adapt to any situation. CBD has shown a significant boost in performance when taken before a stressful task. It also helps with sleep, which we all know is directly related to how we manage stress and boosts your immune system.

3. Improves Focus and Stamina

How well you perform in an athletic situation has a lot to do with how focused and alert you are. It takes a lot of concentration to be at your best and CBD has helped many athletes to keep their focus and to avoid mental distractions. CBD can help you to keep your head in the game, striking the perfect balance of energy required for the task and improving your stamina as you push to be your best. 

Why Darrin Mees Chooses Rooted Hemp’s CBD Products

Darrin Mees uses CBD for health and performance and is a firm supporter of Rooted Hemp Company. As an X-Games athlete and professional snow bike racer, he does everything he can to stay not only physically healthy but also to maintain his mental health as well.

Mees has been a racer most of his life and has raced dirt bikes, snowmobiles, and snow bikes. Being an athlete of this caliber has put tremendous strain on his body and CBD has helped him to stay at peak performance. 

When we asked Darrin Mees why he chooses Rooted Hemp for his CBD products, here’s what he said:


“I really believe in this company and what they stand for. I have never worked with any sponsor that treats me and my family so well. They are so supportive and involved in local events. They make me feel like family. I look forward to many years of being in the Rooted Hemp Co. family. I can’t say enough good things about their products.”


We’re, of course, very humbled to be one of Darrin’s top sponsors and wish him all the success in the world. Rooted Hemp CBD has helped him to feel the best he ever has as an athlete, both physically and mentally. He uses the drops and the cream when he needs to recover quickly from soreness or an injury and never goes to a race without these products. 


Thank you, Darrin Mees—we’re stoked to have you on board!