How Cold Weather Affects the Body and How CBD Can Help

How Cold Weather Affects the Body and How CBD Can HelpHow Cold Weather Affects the Body and How CBD Can Help

We are rounding the corner of 2021 and heading into the final, chilly months of the year. Amidst the craziness of holiday preparations and family gatherings, don’t forget to take care of yourself in the face of the harsh winter elements. Your mental and physical health can be greatly affected by the lack of sunshine, extra time indoors, and moving through icy conditions. And CBD can help!

In fact, using CBD during the winter season may be the most important time of year for people, as its benefits can really shine against common ailments that plague many of us during this chilly season. Below are just a few ways CBD can help people deal with winter-related health issues.

Joint and muscle pain

It is very common to feel a bit stiff and feel extra tension in our joints when the weather gets cold or wet. This is because atmospheric pressure is causing extra stress on our tissue, muscles, tendons, and bones. As a powerful anti-inflammatory, CBD is a proven treatment for chronic pain in joints and muscles for anyone experiencing any level of discomfort. Do not miss out on the holiday merriment this year due to stiff and sore muscles. Try CBD and don’t miss a single winter gathering or holiday get-together, and feel great while you’re there!

Dry skin

Winter and dry skin go hand in hand. But CBD can take care of that no problem. Our body’s endocannabinoid systems directly support our skin’s health and its ability to regenerate and heal itself in harsh winter climates. If we aren’t supporting our ECS system, then we are not supporting our skin. It really is that simple. If you experience psoriasis, rosacea, or eczema, or any type of dry skin, CBD may be the solution you have been looking for, especially when the temperatures dip towards freezing.

Colds and flus

Did you know using CBD is a wonderful way to fortify and bolster our immune systems? With a strong immune system, people are far less likely to catch a cold or flu during the time of year when being with friends and family is extra important for so many. By using CBD, the body’s endocannabinoid receptors stimulate the central and peripheral nervous systems. When these are properly functioning, our digestion and immune systems stay on track and help fight off sickness. Keep your body strong in the face of harsh winter elements by using CBD, eating right, getting rest, and staying healthy.

Seasonal depression

Short days, little sunlight, cold temperatures, and increased time indoors can really have a negative effect on our mental health. Without regular exposure to sunlight, the body receives far less natural sources of vitamin D than it does other times a year, which is the primary driver for these sudden winter time blues. By using CBD during the colder months, the body’s nervous system stays more regulated and will maintain more balanced levels of melatonin and cortisol, which will help uplift moods and reduce stress and anxiety. Of course taking vitamin D is also important during the fall and winter, so do not neglect that detail either!

Injury recovery

An awkward icy tumble and cause minor or serious injury, from a twisted ankle, a bad bump on the head, or a broken bone. CBD is a fantastic tool for not only reducing levels of pain and discomfort, it can actually help your body mend itself quicker and will at the very least work as a very effective anti-inflammatory agent. Athletes around the world use CBD for these very same reasons, so there is no reason you shouldn’t too if you take a spill or experience some other form of winter-induced bodily harm.

Please contact us if you have other questions or thoughts about using CBD for winter ailments, or about using CBD in general. As mentioned above, the challenges of winter can easily be met with CBD, whether you want to sleep better, treat pain and inflammation, health dry skin, or improve your mood. CBD can help with all of that, and there is no better season than now to start using it.