5 Reasons Why the Best CBD is from Oregon

Best CBD from Oregon

The 2018 Farm Bill was a massive game changer for fans of CBD products. By legalizing the cultivation of hemp at the federal level, this recently passed law means that you can now purchase low THC CBD oil anywhere in the United States. 

Despite this, not all states are equal when it comes to the manufacture, production, and sale of CBD. Partially, this is due to local laws: while hemp may be legal at the federal level, local regulations tend to complicate the issue. There are other factors at play, as well; everything from economics to soil quality has an effect on the availability – not to mention quality – of products containing CBD.

There are plenty of states that have surged to the forefront and become frontrunners in the race to be named the best source for CBD, but none of them, as of yet, can hold a candle to the great state of Oregon. Here are a few reasons why the best CBD is from Oregon.


Oregon Is Years Ahead Of Other States When It Comes To Cannabis Laws

As we’ve mentioned, it was the 2018 Farm Bill that legalized hemp on a federal level. While this was great news for people all over the country who claim to have found relief for their health conditions by using CBD and other cannabis products, the state of Oregon had a huge head start. 

It took, for most states, until 2018 for hemp products, which have been touted as helpful for all sorts of conditions ranging from arthritis to depression, to become legal.

Oregon, on the other hand, legalized medical cannabis way back in 1998: twenty years ahead of most of the country. Twenty extra years of legalized cannabis products has led to a great deal more infrastructure than most states have; Oregon has had far more time to experiment with the best sources of CBD, and to build laboratories to ensure that the products are safe and free from contaminants. 

Oregon Has The Best Prices

Getting ahead of other states regarding the legalization of hemp has had another major effect upon Oregon’s CBD industry: namely, the cost. The simple economic principle of supply and demand is what drives prices; that is to say, if you produce more of a product, that product will be cheaper. 

Well, Oregon sits comfortably near the top of hemp producers in the United States. More products means lower prices. Even if you do not live in Oregon, you can take advantage of this, and order your CBD oil products online from the Beaver State.

You Can Buy CBD In Many Oregon Stores 

Just because CBD is legal on the federal level doesn’t mean that it’s easy to access. Indeed, the majority of states will still require you to order your CBD products from a licensed dispensary. Oregon dispenses with this complicated legal red tape and allows you to buy CBD just about anywhere (provided you are 18 years old, with a valid ID.) In Oregon it can be found in restaurants, coffee shops, and even pet stores. 

Note that to purchase CBD at the age of 18, you will need to opt for a low THC product. You must be 21 years of age to buy medicinal cannabis with a higher THC content. 

Oregon Has Unique Soil

Now that we’ve gotten the legal and political end of things out of the way, let’s focus on another benefit Oregon has; this one, granted by Mother Nature. Have you ever wondered why there is so much plant life living in Oregon? Why so many different species of trees and shrubs are able to thrive here? No matter where you go, Oregon seems to be teeming with life. 

Of course, there is no single answer for this; weather, humidity, air quality, and water access are all major factors. However, Oregon does have unique types of soil that play no small role in the successful growth of so many different types of plant life. 

Actually, Oregon has its own state soil, which is called Jory soil. This soil is found in Western Oregon, which also happens to be where the majority of the state’s population call home. This soil, which is uniquely volcanic, is responsible for the success of many native plants, including Oregon’s state tree: the Douglas Fir. 

The unique soils in Oregon have also lead to them being designated as prime farmland: sweet corn, wine grapes, and Christmas trees are all major exports. Further, the state has earned a reputation for growing the best hemp in the world, and the fertile Oregon soils have now become home to tens of thousands of acres of very healthy – and high quality – fields of hemp. 


Oregon Tests Their CBD For Your Safety

None of the above entries matter if the CBD oil you’re buying isn’t safe to consume. While CBD has been claimed to help with a wide variety of conditions, ranging from epilepsy to insomnia, the fact remains that, in many parts of the country, you can’t be sure what you’re getting. 

How will you know exactly how much CBD a product contains? Are you purchasing something that will help you with a chronic condition, or simply an expensive bottle with little to no active ingredients? 

You also want to be aware of what else is in the products you’re purchasing. Most people don’t want their CBD oil to come chock full of pesticides, solvents, and unknown microbes! 

That’s why testing is important, and another reason why Oregon is the best source for CBD: all across the state, there are labs which determine the CBD content of plants, as well as testing them for pesticides, solvents, and other impurities.  At Rooted Hemp, we regularly test all our CBD products, and post the lab results on the product pages so people can view them.

You simply don’t want to buy a CBD product that hasn’t been tested in a third-party lab! And, while the legal regulations across the country tend to be all over the place, Oregon has a solid infrastructure in place for this. When you buy CBD in Oregon, you can feel great about the legitimacy of the product you are purchasing.