The Benefits of CBD Oil for Your Hair

The Benefits of CBD Oil for Your Hair

The Benefits of CBD Oil for Your Hair

The popularity of CBD oil has exploded over the past few years. Especially after the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill which essentially legalized the production and sale of cannabis-derived products throughout most of the United States. Although the health benefits of CBD have been enjoyed by people around the world for centuries, 2018 marked a turning point for CBD. Millions began discovering the amazing value CBD offers to the human body, including the health of our hair. But how does CBD oil help with hair health specifically, you ask? Read on to learn more.

Improves health of scalp

The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD are fantastic for soothing the scalp and enriching it with vital nutrients that give it a smooth, soft, youthful feel and appearance. Applying CBD oil directly onto the scalp by massaging a few drops into the skin or applying it to your preferred shampoo or cream can provide a number of health benefits to the scalp. These benefits might include reduced itchiness, dandruff, and acne. The scalp is full of cannabinoid receptors. When provided with CBD consistently, these receptors can dramatically strengthen the body’s immune system.

Improves growth of hair

As humans age, it is common that hair grows back slower than at the rate it falls out. This causes thin patches to appear, as well as bald spots. Dandruff, chemical exposure, and lack of nutrition can all play into hair loss. There is a whole industry built on combating this all-too-common ailment. What many people don’t realize however is that CBD oil can help stave off hair loss, prevent it altogether, and in some cases cause it to grow back.

How CBD does this is by nourishing hair follicles with nutritious fatty acids that soothe scalp dryness. This in turn makes it easier for hair to grow in a healthier environment. Think of it like fertilizing your lawn. CBD also improves blood circulation around hair follicles, which also encourages growth and strengthens the health of your scalp, follicles, and the individual hairs growing out of them.

Prevention of hair damage

Over time, our bodies are exposed to and compound effects from, dust, UV radiation, chemicals, pollution, and other unnatural substances that erode the building blocks of our skin and the hair that grows on it. Other environmental factors may include styling gels, hair spray, or traumatic contact with objects like brushes, combs, irons, etc.

CBD oil is a fantastic option for countering the effects of these man made materials. By applying CBD oil directly onto the scalp and rubbing it into our hair, we are applying a potent moisturizer that helps revive dry and flimsy hair. As it soaks into the scalp and follicles, CBD oil strengthens hair roots by enriching them with calcium and antioxidants that form a protective barrier from outside threats.

Prevents stress-induced hair loss

Americans are a stressed out bunch these days. Unfortunately, hair loss is a common side effect of this for both men and women. Hormonal fluctuations occurring within our bodies as we cope with the constant mental pressure causes hair loss. Thankfully, CBD can help. By interacting with receptors in our bodies that regulate hormones, CBD helps achieve and maintain hormonal balance. Reducing stress and simultaneously preventing our hair from falling out (usually caused by an imbalance of the hormone DHT).

When using CBD products for any purpose, always be sure to research the product (and company producing it) as thoroughly as possible. Stick to trusted brands that emphasize the use of organic, locally-grown products, such as Rooted Hemp. Stay away from the gas station end cap variety of CBD which likely lacks the production and safety standards that all trusted brands will stand by. Of course, consulting your medical doctor or healthcare provider is also highly suggested, especially if you are taking prescription medication or suffering from a mental illness.