A Guide to Baking With CBD

A Guide to Baking With CBD

A Guide to Baking With CBD


As the popularity of CBD products continues to grow, many people have worked it into their daily diets, enjoying the plethora of health benefits it provides. Common examples include CBD oils infused into a favorite food or beverage, but many people also enjoy baking with CBD. If you have never tried baking with CBD, do not fear! It is incredibly easy to use in a wide variety of recipes such as cookies, brownies, cakes, etc. Because CBD oil blends so well, it is easy to mix into practically any baking recipe you can think of, and if you are interested in trying, below are a few pointers on what CBD is and how you can get started baking with it.

What is CBD?

Put simply, CBD is a naturally-occurring supplement extracted from hemp, which are flowers of the cannabis plant. Hemp contains high traces of cannabinoids (commonly referred to as CBD), which is a chemical compound that effects the human body in a profound number of ways and provides it with incredible health benefits when used responsibly and consistently.

Why bake with CBD?

As previously stated, it’s a very easy ingredient to add to almost any recipe you can think of, and baking with CBD is a fun way to use it that will deliver the physical and mental health benefits it is famous for providing, such as relieved pain, reduced anxiety, mental calmness, and more.

How do I bake with CBD?

To get started, carefully choose an appropriate dosage of CBD to include in your recipe. Use an online dosage calculator to help with this step depending on what type of effect you would like the CBD to deliver, and what type of CBD you are using. Remember to be careful and use common sense when baking with CBD, especially if it is your first time. Also remember to not be afraid to experiment. CBD is a very safe supplement to use and it is important to find the right dosage for your body.

One important note about baking with CBD is to try and keep the temperature at or below 350 degrees Fahrenheit to keep the CBD from evaporating out of the mixture. Other than that, have fun and enjoy! After your tasty treats are ready for devouring, remember to use some restraint and eat through the batch of whatever you’ve cooked up at a relatively slow pace. Too much of a good thing can go the other way quick depending on your body type and how much CBD you are consuming, so just stay mindful.

After a few baking sessions using different dosages and types of CBD, you should be somewhat familiar with how much CBD to use and if you have any other questions about baking with CBD, never hesitate to contact us or consult with your local dispensary staff. They are typically very eager to help and should be able to help you find the answers you need!