For the last 9 months, I have endured restless nights due to significant arthritic pain in my knees. I’m receiving steroid shots every three months, but the shots only relieve some of the pain for a few weeks and then I’m back to restless nights. Recently, I began taking Rooted Hemp’s full spectrum oil about an hour before bedtime. I’m now enjoying deep, restful sleep and greatly reduced pain and inflammation. I’ve also begun using Rooted Hemp’s new hemp-based cream on my knees. The first time I tried it I felt immediate relief. The cream rubs in easily with no greasiness and works quickly in reducing pain. It’s like using one of those high-end creams that you find in luxury hotels and spas. Use of the two products before bed has given me some of the best sleep that I have enjoyed in years. I highly recommend these two products.

William Carrington

Two years ago I got into a really bad car accident where i was knocked out upside down for hours. The only thing holding me and my body weight was my seatbelt around my hip . I ended up having some nerve issues in my leg mainly my IT band down to my hip. It caused a lot of stress on my knee I got sciatica issues due to it. My head took a long time to recover to where I was creative and not having mood swings. Since then I tried constant stretching and working out like I did prior to the wreck. I kept having issues to where I couldn’t work out and be healthy with out nerve pain down my leg. Then I met Darrin and Ashlee Mees. I was fortunate enough to help Darrin out with some media prior to Xgames 2019 . While i was filming Darrin he had been noticing that I have pain pretty much everyday. He kept telling me to try Rooted Hemp for months. I finally tried it and it was the best thing I have ever invested into my body. I have taken it for about a month straight every morning. I also fly paramotors and I take it before each flight I feel it really helps. No inflammation, Focus clarity, Happy, a clean pain free feeling (not the synthetic feeling from opiates) .I personally highly recommend this product. I wont go a day with out it…unless I run out. Little beer hack for ya. You know we live in Bend Oregon (Beer town) .Prior to a night of tipping back, take a few CBD MG’s before you get those microbrew hitters and you will wake up feeling tip top magoo. (Not scientifically tested)

Scott Fraser

Thank you, Rooted Hemp! I have osteoarthritis in my joints… hands, hips, knees and shoulders. I have been taking a dropper-ful of 3000 mg Clear Solution daily for about a year. I have not had to use any other pain relief (Advil, Tylenol) during that time. Being able to significant’y reduce the use of those pain meds is great… I thank you, and my kidneys thank you!

Kip Petit

Thank you! I’ve been suffering off and on with gout since May. A continuous aching in my joints, especially big toe, heal and thumbs. Since beginning a Rooted Hemp CBD regimen the bad gout “episodes” have been held in check and the daily nagging aches are gone.
Highly recommended if you have gout or any other form of arthritis.

Brian Dioguardi

My dog Sam has bad hips – she is only 7 years old but when we do long hikes or climbs, she gets super sore. When we get home she goes to her bed and lays down and won’t let anyone touch her hips. She was clearly sore getting up and down. I started using the Pet Remedy and giving her a drop or two before we went out and a drop or two after we went out. It worked wonders! She still goes to lay down after we do a big hike, but she acts like she’s not sore at all and she doesn’t cry when you touch her hips! We are super thankful for this product!

Megan Gram

My old dog, Dudley, loves running and swimming (he is a beautiful Lab!). However, he is 13 years old and has a lot of trouble getting up and down. And after a day of activity, he doesn’t get up for days. Rooted Hemp’s Pet Remedy line is a lifesaver! (Or rather I should say hip saver!). Dudley is able to get up and down with a little trouble and physically looks happier and more content and is able to rest better. I love this stuff and recommend it to everyone!

Kimi Marin

After not sleeping well for years, I’ve been taking your CBD before bed for a couple weeks and getting the best sleep I’ve had in a very long time. I wake up feeling refreshed and well-rested. Thank you so much! I love your products.

Katie Glyer

Just tried Rooted Hemp 500mg Pet Remedy for our 5 dogs the and the results are amazing! They all hate 4th of July, gun shots, and thunder storms and this has reduced their anxiety tremendously. They don’t mind the taste like some products I have used. Plus I love that it is a local! Sharing your Rooted Hemp product with all my pet friends across the nation.

Wendy MacArthur Broderick

I was skeptical at first but Rooted Hemp 3000mg clear solution helped me feel like myself again. After years of struggling with anxiety and depression, I’m now able to face every challenge with the confidence I need to succeed.

Erica Butler

I have been looking for a natural remedy to help my small dog battle seizures, stress, and anxiety.  This is exactly what I was looking for. Every now and then our dog has a seizure and I don’t want to spend a ton of money on an Rx that has a ton of chemicals that I’m not comfortable giving my dog. This oil is all natural and totally affordable. Can’t say enough about this product.

Desirae Hendrix