Explaining Full Spectrum CBD Oil to Your Mom

Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Few things in life are worse than watching a loved one suffer from chronic pain or other treatable conditions. For many people, watching a parent or other older relative fight through the everyday discomfort of arthritis, back pain, and a bevy of other conditions can be very difficult. Many people end up taking matters into their own hands; not simply content to let their relatives suffer, they begin to do a little research into treatments that might help.

For others, this can lead to even more frustration. Many chronic pains and other conditions that come with aging can be treated with CBD Oil, bringing a return to the quality of life that your parents so enjoyed in their youth. However, too many people have excitedly bought full spectrum CBD Oil for their parents, only to have it be rejected due to the misinformation and ignorance that comes along with it. But why watch your family members suffer? It’s usually just a matter of explaining CBD products in a way that will put prospective patients at ease.

Here’s how to explain full spectrum CBD Oil to your mom:

First, explain what Full-Spectrum CBD Oil is.

Perhaps the best place to start is with a simple explanation of what, exactly, full spectrum CBD Oil is! Well, CBD stands for cannabidiol, and is one of the active ingredients in the cannabis plant. It is distilled from the stems and seeds of the plant and can be made into foods, oils, topicals, and any number of other products which are safe for human consumption. These days, it is more popular than ever as a treatment for a wide array of debilitating conditions. Among these are chronic pain, nausea, anxiety, glaucoma, nervous system disorders, and many others. Its mechanism of action is to bind to the cannabinoid receptors in your body; in this way, it can block pain, ease stress, and benefit your body in many ways. In most places, it is perfectly legal, even in areas where cannabis itself is not legal. CBD is very much not the same thing as marijuana, despite their common origin from the cannabis plant.  


Explain that it is not a recreational drug.

Many people, especially older folks, are immediately turned off from CBD simply because they have known it’s derived from the cannabis plant. While upon closer inspection, this doesn’t really make sense, we’re trying to clear up some misinformation for people that may not have any other thoughts in their head other than “CBD = Marijuana.” The first thing you should clarify is that CBD is not marijuana and is not used for getting high. While CBD and marijuana are technically different cultivars of the same plant – cannabis sativa – the similarities really do end there. Marijuana is bred to increase the presence of the THC compound – this is the substance that gets you high – while CBD is bred with very little, or no THC at all. Far from being a recreational drug, full spectrum CBD Oil is a medicine; and one that can help with a lot of different conditions.

Explain that it doesn’t have to be smoked.

We won’t be surprised if you have a little difficulty explaining that full spectrum CBD Oil is not a recreational drug; decades of media portrayals have left a very particular idea in many people’s minds as to what cannabis is and what it does. They’ll imagine hippies sitting around a campfire, smoking spliffs and this just isn’t an accurate image. The reality is CBD can be consumed in any number of ways, just like popular pharmaceutical medicines, with the only difference being that users say CBD is more effective and has fewer side effects. For example, if you suffer from arthritis, you can simply apply a CBD cream to the afflicted area. It will absorb into your skin and immediately go to work on the pain receptors that are making you miserable. If, on the other hand, ulcerative colitis is the problem you face, users say you can consume CBD Oil as a pill or in the form of a drink or gummy candy. It can also be vaped and inhaled.

Show examples of the many people Full-Spectrum CBD has helped.

Some people never imagined they would support the full legalization of all cannabis products until they came to understand the benefits that user of CBD Oil report. People you might never expect to be supporters of cannabis product have had their long-held opinions swayed by seeing the real help that CBD products have provided for people. For example, many parents of children with epilepsy find that nothing else helps, except for Full Spectrum CBD Oil. It appears to block the seizures that come with epilepsy and allows the children to finally have normal lives back. Its benefits for elderly people are equally discoverable with some minimal online research. It does a lot more than just help with arthritis; it can help with other types of chronic pain, including migraines and back pain. It can also, according to many users, work wonders for depression and anxiety, which many Americans of all ages suffer from. Usually, you can begin to start swaying the opinions of people who are on the fence about CBD Oil by showing them a few of the biggest success stories people have had.

Explain that there is real Science to back it up.

yellow liquid in clear glass jar

People also have a tendency to believe that CBD Oil is part of a trend towards “fru-fru” or “hippie” treatments and that it doesn’t actually work. This just isn’t true at all! Full spectrum CBD Oil has the benefit of real scientific studies to demonstrate its efficacy. It’s not merely anecdotal evidence from people who may be experiencing placebo effects.

There have been many actual, clinical studies, performed in laboratories, demonstrating the effectiveness of full spectrum CBD Oil. More studies are being conducted all the time, revealing more and more benefits of CBD products. It’s hard to argue with the numbers, and CBD Oil has hard scientific data to show how effective it is.