How to Use CBD Oil for Cats

How to Use CBD Oil for Cats

How to Use CBD Oil for Cats?


While humans have used CBD oil to help with chronic health issues for thousands of years, only recently have people started giving it to their feline companions. And it makes complete sense, too. Mammals of all shapes and sizes can experience much of the same, or at least very similar, health challenges people face, especially as they age. Changes in appetite, mobility, anxiety, failing immune systems, and digestion are not unique to humans alone. As the popularity of CBD use has exploded in recent years, perhaps it was inevitable that pet owners would begin using it as an alternative healthcare option for their cats.

Below are just a few tips and pointers on how to use CBD oil for cats that you will need to know before giving it to them. There are many factors to consider when giving CBD to cats, as they are liable to experience some of the same side effects humans do as their bodies encounter CBD for the first time. If you have other questions, consult your veterinarian.


Is CBD oil safe for cats?

In short, yes. Cats have an endocannabinoid system just like humans do, which means they experience the same benefits as us. It is highly recommended that you begin with small doses of CBD oil for your cat so their bodies can adjust to it and increase the dosage as needed. Pay very careful attention to how your cat reacts to CBD oil after administering it: are they extra lethargic? Are they irritable? Has their appetite changed? Have they become more aggressive? All of these are important factors to watch for after your cat uses CBD oil, and as stated above, ask your veterinarian if specific concerns arise during the course of the animal’s CBD use.


How do I give CBD to my cat?

The simplest method would be to mix a dose of CBD oil into the cat’s food. Mix the dosage evenly over the meal so the cat is sure to ingest as much of the CBD as possible. If the cat senses the CBD and is hesitant, you can also try mixing the CBD into a special treat that will mask the unfamiliar texture and flavor. Another method is to simply use a dropper to put the CBD oil right into the cat’s mouth. Take time and be patient if you try this method, and do not force the animal to ingest the CBD oil.


Choosing the right CBD product for my cat

Believe it or not, there are many pet-related CBD products on the market already that are specially formulated for animals. Always look for brands that take special care and pride in what they produce, and look for products that are locally harvested and manufactured with sustainable, non-GMO processes. This ensures your cat is receiving the safest, most quality CBD products available, thereby maximizing the benefits and minimizing the risk of side effects.


How much CBD should I give my cat?

As stated above, start small, take notes, ask questions, and pay careful attention to how your cat reacts to CBD oil. Getting the right dose on the first try is unlikely, and as with humans, will likely require some adjustments based on age, weight, and other specific conditions. Every CBD product should include information on concentration, ingredients, method of manufacture, and other information as a good starting point, but don’t be shy about asking your veterinarian, researching online, and asking as many questions as possible to ensure your cat is getting the right amount. Remember to be patient as well. It may take several weeks or months for the benefits of CBD to really take effect, and also remember the effects of CBD can be delayed by as much as an hour or so after ingestion.

If used properly, CBD is a wonderful alternative healthcare product for your cat, and no matter what issue they may be struggling with, there is a very good chance that CBD will be a very effective tool in improving the overall health and wellness of your beloved feline friend.