How CBD can help multiple sclerosis patients

How CBD can help multiple sclerosis patients?

How CBD can help Various sclerosis patients

As the general public continues to become more accepting of everyday CBD use, and states throughout the country relax their regulations, more people are discovering the therapeutic benefits of CBD products. Everything from oils, creams, lotions, and prescription medications are being used for diseases and illnesses across a wide spectrum. While empirical research is still on the cutting edge, it is widely held that those suffering from multiple sclerosis should also consider using CBD to help deal with the chronic and debilitating symptoms of MS. 


What is multiple sclerosis?

An autoimmune disorder that destroys the brain and spinal cord, MS results in a wide variety of symptoms that vary between patients depending on the severity of the disease and the amount of nerve damage it has caused. Left alone, MS is a terminal illness that can ravage a person’s quality of life. Common symptoms include difficulty walking, pain, fatigue, vision, spasms, numbness, and tingling. While the rule is out on what exactly causes MS, some studies suggest MS is caused by antigen-specific T cells that trigger neuroinflammation by crossing over the blood-brain barrier. This T cell behavior also eliminates myelinated cells which leads to paralysis.


Treating MS with CBD

Some preliminary research suggests that CBD can play a tremendous role in relieving the symptoms associated with MS. Due to the amazing anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective properties of CBD (and THC), symptoms of MS are relieved in two primary ways: pro-inflammatory cytokines are prohibited from reproducing, and anti-inflammatory cytokines reproduce more easily. Additionally, myelin-derived suppressor cells are manipulated by CBD to inhibit the induction of T cells.

The body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS), a nebulous network of neural receptors that help regulate bodily functions, is greatly bolstered by CBD. When under the influence of CBD, the ECS can more effectively regulate serotonin production, fortify the body’s immune system, and ease inflammation. This helps relax muscles from having spasms, can improve mobility, and help improve sleep.


How to use CBD to treat MS

There are plenty of ways to ingest CBD. Oils are very popular as they are easy to add to your favorite food or beverage or can be taken directly with a drop on the tongue. Alternatively, balms and creams can be rubbed into sore spots on the skin. For those seriously considering using CBD for its medicinal purposes, it is highly recommended that you consult your healthcare provider before using CBD. This is especially true for those already taking prescription medication.

There are proven medical benefits for CBD, and if you are struggling with MS, we strongly encourage you to consider using it as a viable alternative healthcare treatment. Be sure to stick with CBD products that are made organically, come from local, trusted sources, and are GMO-free. The results you get from cheap brands will either be non-existent or harmful, and if you are suffering from a chronic illness, you deserve the best CBD has to offer.