Hemp Products: Expectations Vs. Reality

Hemp Products

Hemp products are more popular than ever and have entered the mainstream, much to the joy and relief of many chronic pain sufferers all across the country. While for many years, there had been something of a stigma against hemp products due to their association with “marijuana” and “drug culture.” Fortunately now, it seems that things have begun moving in the other direction. Hemp products are being widely accepted by many, with laws being amended and serious scientific studies finally being undertaken. Medical professionals have been consistently impressed by what these findings have revealed. Far from being a niche treatment for a few conditions, users have reported that hemp products can help with a huge amount of different conditions. Chronic pain, epilepsy, glaucoma, nausea, sleeplessness, anxiety, and depression are among the many conditions with which hemp products have reportedly helped people.

However, with all of this hype come expectations. Can these hemp products actually live up to the expectations, or is the reality somewhat different? Read on to find out the truth.

Expectation: Hemp And Marijuana Are The Same

Reality: While They Are Related, They Are Not The Same

A lot of the worries people have regarding hemp is because they lump it in with recreational marijuana. The reality is that the two are very different; while they’re technically the same plant (cannabis sativa), they are completely different cultivars and have completely different purposes. It’s really important to understand that hemp and marijuana are not the same, and are not interchangeable, either medically or legally. If you are looking for the medical benefits or the foods that are made from hemp, you will not be purchasing marijuana or any of its derivatives. In the simplest terms, marijuana contains a large amount of THC – the compound that gets you ‘high’ – and hemp does not.

Expectation: Hemp Products Are Totally Non-psychoactive

Reality: Sort Of.

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One of the things people have learned to expect about hemp is that, while they are derived from the cannabis sativa plant, they won’t get you high. That part of the story is true. Hemp products do not get you ‘high’ or ‘stoned.’ However, the idea that they don’t have any psychoactive effects at all is a fallacy. The reality is that hemp contains an array of different beneficial compounds, and these can act on your neurotransmitters. Every part of your body is affected by your neurotransmitters, including your brain and your mind. So while hemp won’t get you ‘high,’ they will definitely have an effect on your mind. Not to worry, though; these effects are subtle and beneficial. Hemp products will help with conditions such as anxiety and depression and can also function as a sleep aid. So while it’s not true that there are no psychoactive effects, what effects there are can dramatically improve your quality of life.

Expectation: Hemp Products Are Only For People With Very Specific Conditions

Reality: Almost Anyone Can Benefit From The Use Of Hemp Products

Another reason that many people avoid hemp is that they don’t think it will specifically benefit them as an individual. They’ve heard stories of how it has helped other people, but they don’t think it will help them. So they continue to suffer from their conditions, with no hope of relief in sight. The reality is that hemp-derived products can help with so many conditions that chances are, pretty much everyone could potentially benefit in some way. For example, suffers from occasional sleeplessness. Hemp-derived compounds can not only help you sleep, but they can also improve the quality of that sleep so that you wake up feeling well rested, according to consumers. People also report that with CBD, there are far less negative side effects that a lot of sleep aids – including over the counter ones such as melatonin – have. If you suffer from chronic aches and pains, such as those caused by arthritis, hemp products could help you as well. If you suffer from any of the dozens of different anxiety disorders that exist, such as generalized anxiety or social anxiety, they can potentially improve your daily life.

Expectation: Hemp Products Need A Prescription

Reality: You Can Just Purchase Them

Some people miss out on the benefits of the various cannabis products because they think they’ll need a prescription to get them. They think that they’ll need to schedule a doctor’s visit and may potentially be prescribed a hemp derivative, or different medicine. The reality, however, is that you don’t need a prescription to reap the benefits of the different hemp products. You can simply purchase them and begin deriving the benefits right away. The reason for this is that hemp products are not drugs; they don’t have the potentially dangerous side effects that expensive drugs carry with them. Not only that, these products don’t necessarily have to work in a vacuum; they can be used in tandem with more traditional medicines, as well as natural treatments for various conditions. So if you find that you’re struggling to sleep, or you are suffering from pain or anxiety, it’s very easy to give hemp a try.

Expectation: Hemp Products Have Harmful Side Effects

Reality: While There Are Side Effects, Hemp Products Are Entirely Safe

When researching treatments they know little about, people tend to expect harmful side effects. That’s understandable, of course, since a great deal of the treatments that exist do have harmful side effects. And while no treatment will ever be completely free from side effects, users of hemp report that they don’t have any that cause harm. Being aware of the side effects, however, is the best way to optimize the beneficial effects. Some patients do struggle with digestive issues when using hemp. Certain people are very sensitive to the compounds in hemp, so while they will not get high as there is no THC, they may still suffer from some anxiety after consuming the compound. Avoiding these side effects is usually as simple as finding the right dosage – consuming too much can cause minor problems, and you will just need to experiment until you find the right amount that works for you.