Understanding CBD Dosage

Full Spectrum CBD Oil 3000 mg

The classical physician Paracelsus is quoted as saying, “Sola dosis facit venenum,” which, translated into English means: “The dose makes the poison.” What he meant by that was that dosage is important; taking the wrong dose of anything can negate the benefit. Finding the proper dosage for any medicine or nutraceutical can be a challenge, as every body is different, in size, weight, and nutritional needs. What is an effective dose for one person can be less effective for another- this is true for CBD dosage as well.

Now, Paracelsus didn’t know about CBD, of course; though, as a physician, he’d probably have been thrilled if he did know. He may have been most thrilled to realize that even in massive doses, CBD is not harmful to the human body (according to current research). Unlike most over-the-counter pharmaceuticals, which although touted as harmless can have severe side effects, it is actually very difficult to hurt yourself with CBD, say users. Even so, finding the proper CBD dosage is still important.

This article will go into detail on finding the proper CBD dosage, and ensuring you use the correct amount for your specific needs.

How To Get Started

If you’ve never used CBD before, a few words of introduction are in order. What is CBD, anyway? It’s short for Cannabidiol, and it’s a compound derived from the hemp plant. When it is consumed, it binds to neuroreceptors in the body called “endocannabinoid receptors.” As it does this, researchers say it can help to regulate the body’s systems.  Potentially, it can then reduce inflammation and help the body to reach a state of homeostasis.

If this is all true, it means that CBD has a wide array of benefits for a variety of conditions. It is one of the most impressive compounds out there, when you consider the sheer magnitude of conditions that it has been studied to help. CBD has been used for chronic pain, anxiety, sleeplessness, depression, epilepsy, and many other problems. The compound is consumed in a number of ways, including as an edible, as a topical, and as an oil that can be taken sublingually or even vaped.

If you are considering trying CBD for the first time, it’s a good idea to consult with a physician first. While CBD is not like a pharmaceutical drug that carries with it the risk of an overdose, the advice of a doctor can be invaluable when starting any new health regimen.

What To Think About When Considering Dosage

Finding the right CBD dosage depends on which CBD product you have chosen to use. Each product is different in terms of the concentration of CBD it contains. You will want to check the number of milligrams of CBD in any given product; for example, if you have decided to use a sublingual CBD oil, the label on the bottle will alert you the concentration. If a serving contains 1mL of product, then it might contain a dosage of 50mg of the active ingredient.

You will also want to consider your body weight before you can properly gauge the dosage you should be using. People who weigh more will usually require more CBD to reap the benefits of the product. Conversely, if you are on the lighter side, you can usually get by using less CBD oil or other CBD product.

Building Tolerance

Over time, as you use CBD products, you will build a tolerance to the active ingredient. Soon enough, you will require more of the product to get the same effects. It is possible to reduce your tolerance once again by taking a break from your CBD usage. Prevent your tolerance from becoming too high by taking occasional tolerance breaks, if the condition you suffer from will allow you to do so.

What Effects Do You Want?

While it’s extremely unlikely that you’ll experience a harmful overdose by taking too much CBD, you will still want to keep your dosage to the minimum you require to get the effects you desire. Which effects you desire will depend on the condition you are attempting to treat. Minor pain can be treated with a very small amount of product; on the other hand, if you are dealing with persistent, chronic pain, you may need to use a good deal more CBD to get yourself to a comfortable level. Similarly, if you are only using CBD to deal with mild sleeplessness, a very small amount of product will suffice. If you are using it to treat severe anxiety and panic attacks, you may need a lot more product.

How To Calculate A Dose

We recommend taking 25 mg daily for general health, chronic pain and/or sleep disorders. The CBD Oil Review serving standard is 25 mg of CBD twice a day. Increase dosage every 3-4 weeks by 25 mg until you achieve relief from your symptoms.

With the dosage we provide, the CBD will take effect anywhere from 20 minutes to 1 hour after consuming. For the fastest results, take your CBD shot on an empty stomach.

Many people that use CBD like to have High-Potency CBD in order to use less product, and get maximum efficacy. Rooted Hemp Co. is unique in that each type of tincture is High Potency, or 3000mg/mL.  Users can take a smaller dose, therefore it is more cost-effective. There are about 10mg of CBD per drop, and 6000 drops, in each 30 ML bottle of this product.  Depending on how much you take, there can be anywhere from 100-150 servings in the bottle.

The Different Types Of Products

The suggested doses above assume you are using a standard bottle of a CBD oil tincture. There are plenty of other ways to consume CBD; for example, it exists in a number of edibles, like chocolate. These will have standardized dosing sizes, so finding the right amount is easier than with other CBD products. However, if you are consuming CBD in a food product, it will take longer to absorb into your bloodstream. Expect it to take some time to kick in.

CBD also works when used as a topical. These creams are popular for treating chronic pain, such as arthritis, and usually contain a concentration of anywhere 600- 1200 mg.

Whichever product you use, finding the exact dose that works best for you requires a little bit of trial and error. Start with the smaller amount and gradually increase it until you have found the dosage that works best for you.