CBD Oil vs. CBD tincture, which one is right for you

CBD Oil vs. CBD tincture, which one is right for you

CBD oils and tinctures are not the same thing, although they are frequently confused and sometimes used interchangeably. However, the terms should never be used interchangeably as they are quite different from one another and there are a few factors that determine these differences.

CBD tinctures

A CBD tincture is an alcohol-based or water and alcohol solution that contains CBD. CBD tinctures are created through a process that requires hemp material to be saturated in high-proof alcohol which is then heated slowly over a certain period of time. Through this process, the CBD molecules are infused with alcohol which is then boiled, producing a liquid that delivers CBD compounds throughout the body. In tinctures, alcohol is the isolating agent of the CBD extract, instead of CO2, which is the case for oils which we will explain in detail below. This is probably the biggest difference between CBD tinctures and oils.

So why tinctures instead of oils? From a marketing standpoint, they are cost-effective to make, sell, and use, and they offer a very high quality concentration of CBD. Tinctures are generally used sublingually, with two or three drops placed directly under the tongue and held there for about 30 seconds. This is a fast way to experience the effects of CBD and get it into your body quickly. Tinctures can also be mixed into favorite foods or recipes, and one or two doses a day is usually enough to be effective.

CBD oils

CBD oils consist of two main ingredients: the CBD isolate, and carrier oil. The CBD isolate, which appears as a salt-like substance after it is extracted from the cannabis plant, is infused into a carrier oil. This makes it similar to lipids found within essential oils. And like those essential oil lipids, the CBD dissolves and binds to the oil. Similar to tinctures, CBD oils are available in a variety of oil types including medium-chain triglycerides (MCT), hemp seed oil, and olive oil. All are good carriers and what you use is completely a matter of personal choice and opinion, however, MCT oils are generally more popular than the other types. MCT oils are high-quality coconut-based essential oils that seem to offer slightly better absorption and digestion, making it generally more efficient to use and easier on the body.

Like tinctures, CBD oils are commonly taken sublingually, and absorbed through capillaries in the mouth and into our bloodstreams quickly. Oils can also be mixed into body lotions, shampoos, and creams to help aid in the healing and restoration of skin but will not make it into the bloodstream this way.

Should I buy CBD oil or CBD tincture?

What product you choose and how much of it you decide to use is completely up to you. The effectiveness of CBD oils versus CBD tinctures will depend entirely on the person taking it, and involve factors such as their body weight, type, level of health, dosage, gender, age, and more. Experimentation is the only way to really tell but truthfully there is no clear advantage to using one over the other without first trying both and seeing what works best.

Quality made CBD products are extremely safe to use and we strongly encourage users to begin with small doses and be patient as they begin to experience the benefits of CBD and choose to use more or less. Unless the user is taking prescription medication and is diagnosed with some mental illness, CBD should not be a problem to use. If someone does have a mental illness and is taking medication, it is very important to consult a doctor before buying and using CBD.