CBD for Pets: Incredible Success Stories

CBD Oil's for Pets

CBD Oil is definitely a rising star these days, with people of all ages discovering its many benefits for treating chronic pain, depression, anxiety, nervous system disorders such as epilepsy and multiple sclerosis, among many others. Maybe you have even tried CBD Oil for yourself, to treat a specific condition or simply to relieve the anxiety caused by stress. More and more scientific studies are released each day demonstrating the effectiveness of CBD for different patients. Lately, there has been another type of patient that CBD has proven to be effective for: the four-legged variety. It seems that many of the benefits that CBD offers for humans can also carry over to pets! This does make sense: after all, our four-legged friends really aren’t that different from us, physiologically speaking, and a lot of the same ailments that befall us can also affect them, especially as they get older.

Can CBD Oil really help your beloved pet? And if so, how? Well, here are a few success stories from Pet Remedy CBD Oil that you won’t believe: 

A Second Chance At Life For A Pomeranian

Here’s a great story reported by Embrace Pet Insurance: a woman named Emma Smith had given up all hope of treatment for her 13-year-old Pomeranian, Tinkerbell. The elderly dog had been dealing with advanced liver disease, which was causing seizures. As a result, Tinkerbell had lost her ability to walk, go to the bathroom, or even eat without help, and her veterinarian had recommended Emma makes the difficult decision to euthanize her. 


Saddened by this but not wanting Tinkerbell to suffer anymore, Emma decided to pick up some CBD Oil from her local dispensary, thinking it may help her dog’s last few hours at least be comfortable. She administered a dose of the product and went to bed. The next morning, Tinkerbell the Pomeranian was up and about, free of the seizures that had been plaguing her for so long! Somehow, the CBD Oil treatment had helped her come back from what only a day earlier had been certain death. Sure enough, Tinkerbell was able to put the seizures behind her and did not need to euthanized after all. 

Help For A Bulldog With Cancer

Here’s another success story reported by KoiCBD: a 10-year-old American Bulldog named Murphy had been suffering from tumor growths for months. While his owners had repeatedly tried to have cancer excised with surgery, it would come back, over and over again. No matter how many times the bulldog received the surgery, the tumors would recur after only four to six weeks. Finally, by January 2018 it was decided that Murphy would have no more surgeries, as he had no skin left to suture back together over his prepuce. Sadly, it seemed as if there was no way to stop Murphy’s tumors from recurring, and that shortly, his owners would have to say goodbye. 

As in the above story, the owners decided all that they could do now was make Murphy comfortable, so they got him some pet remedy CBD Oil dog treats to help him deal with the pain. The treats certainly helped with that, but they did a lot more, too: Murphy’s tumor never re-grew! In fact, two smaller tumors he hadn’t had removed were actually shrinking; the poor dog had been through seven surgeries over the space of a year and a half, but after a few months with a CBD Oil treatment, his tumors actually began to disappear. 

A Life-changing Experience For A Cat With Severe Anxiety

A Reddit user describes another success story, this time with a cat. The user describes a cat who had been through multiple traumatic events in its past, leading it to become incredibly anxious and skittish. The cat would, seemingly out of nowhere, run around the house, meowing constantly, and had started pooping everywhere. The veterinarian was of no help; the cat was apparently healthy, but some sort of psychological issue was causing it to act up, with no help in sight. On a whim, the owner decided to give the cat some CBD oil treatment, and after a few days, his anxiety began to clear up. The cat no longer pooped outside of his litter box and was back to sleeping quietly and comfortably at night. 

Help For Abused And Neglected Dogs

Just as with people, suffering from trauma and neglect can lead to a lifetime of psychological issues. Among these are anxiety and depression—yes, animals certainly can suffer from depression – and all of these can lead to a reduced quality of life. For many animals, suffering from these conditions can reduce their chances of being adopted, dooming them to move from shelter to shelter without ever finding a forever home. That’s why some shelters have taken to treating abused and neglected dogs with CBD Oil; it helps get the anxiety caused by their trauma under control and allows them to be their old, happy, exuberant selves again. In turn, they’re able to find new lives with owners who really love them. The pet remedy CBD Oil also helps treat other conditions that shelter dogs face; for example, since some of them are older, arthritis is common, and CBD helps with this as well. 

CBD for Pets: Treatment

So with all of these success stories, how should you go about treating your pet with CBD oil? For most, the biggest difficulty is figuring out the dosage. After all, dogs and cats can come in all different sizes, and the dosage that will benefit them the most can be a bit of a challenge to discover. Fortunately, CBD is fairly forgiving as it’s not possible to overdose on it. Even so, it’s best to start with a small dosage. You can usually purchase pet treats which contain CBD, although you can also make your own. Just add a little CBD to some yogurt or peanut butter to feed it to your pet. Start with a small dose and very gradually work your way up; eventually, you’ll discover the dosage that is best for your pet.