CBD for Anxiety

Latest Research on CBD

For people who suffer from anxiety disorders, few things can wreak more havoc on your day-to-day life. Sometimes, it’s simply in the background, making everyday tasks just a little bit harder. In other cases, it can completely take over, rendering it nearly impossible to get out of bed. Sometimes it manifests as social anxiety, making you shy and causing you to struggle in social situations. Or, it can cause you to overreact to seemingly minor problems, leaving you irritable and constantly frustrated. It can prevent you from sleeping, and leave you restless or exhausted during the day. However it manifests, anxiety can have a devastating effect on your quality of life; but it doesn’t have to be that way. Enter CBD. 

CBD for Anxiety

Cannabidiol – better known as CBD – is a phytocannibanoid derived from the cannabis plant. For years, its connection to cannabis caused CBD to be unfairly compared with dangerous drugs, despite (or perhaps because of) the benefits users have reported. It has proved so effective in treating certain conditions, that it’s no wonder many of the big pharmaceutical companies fought to suppress it. Unlike marijuana or other products that contain THC – the other compound in cannabis – CBD will not get you “high” or produce any other psychoactive effects. Instead, it works behind the scenes.  People have tried it to help treat many different health conditions- and some have said that they found it to be more effective than other treatment they’ve tried. 

CBD can be consumed in a number of ways; it can be taken orally, or as a sublingual. It can also be inhaled or even used as a topical; there are now CBD creams, CBD oils, and CBD snacks and foods. It seems to work by binding with the body’s cannabinoid receptors. Some researchers think this is what leads to the report benefits like reduced inflammation and lessened chronic pain. In recent times, more and more studies have also claimed CBD to be an effective treatment for many different types of anxiety. 

Here are the top three reasons to switch to CBD for the treatment of your anxiety disorder: 

CBD Is One of the Most Versatile Treatments Out There

Anxiety is the most common mental illness in the United States, but there are so many different variations of it that there seems to be no one way to treat it effectively. The causes and symptoms of anxiety manifest in so many different ways, that many people who have an anxiety disorder don’t even suspect that they do. They simply go about their day, never imagining that they don’t have to deal with worry or irritation on a regular basis. Some people’s anxiety disorders have an external cause: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is one of the most common, and devastating, of these. There are as many treatments out there as there are types of anxiety; people try drugs, therapy, yoga, and a hundred other things to try to get it under control. And while many of these treatments have merit, often they’re either ineffective at treating your specific type of anxiety disorder, or they have unwanted side effects that render them not worth it. CBD, on the other hand, has been claimed by many users an extremely versatile treatment for many different types of anxiety disorders. It has helped people with minor cases of social anxiety, as well as much more serious problem, such as PTSD or Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD). It’s interesting to see how many people have found success with  CBD. Whatever your issue, there is a very good chance that a small amount of CBD can work wonders for you. 

CBD Could do More Than Just Hide Your Symptoms

People tend to treat the symptoms of anxiety disorder in ways that don’t truly help the root of the problem; while there are anti-anxiety drugs, such as Benzos, that can provide temporary relief, these can have unwanted and dangerous side effects. Other people turn to self-medicating; some people over-consume alcohol, or turn to other addictive and unhealthy behaviors such as overeating, to provide temporary relief. While you can certainly find temporary relief in a lot of ways, you haven’t truly dealt with the problem that is causing your anxiety. And while anxiety is a very complex illness with a lot of different factors that affect it, CBD has, according to many, gone a long way towards helping not just the minor symptoms, but the root causes as well. For example, insomnia and inflammation have both been found to be major factors in anxiety disorders; in turn, anxiety causes further insomnia and inflammation, furthering a vicious cycle for which there can seem to be little hope. However, CBD has been found to improve sleep for users, as well as reduce inflammation according to research, leading some to feel more relaxed both day and night. Users have said that they feel truly relaxed; not simply feeling artificial relief, but a genuine sense of peace and calm.

CBD Could Have Other Health Benefits

The best treatments out there do more than just help with one disorder; they help with overall health. For example, exercise does more than just help you lose weight; it does wonders for your mood, your looks, and your longevity. By the same token, CBD could, it’s reported, do a lot more than just help you with your anxiety. Some say it could help to improve your health in ways that no pharmaceutical treatment can. It’s been used by some people to reduce chronic pain, help with inflammation, and has even been used to suppress the growth of cancer cells. It’s been used in the treatment of epilepsy and Parkinson’s disease, and others have used it to fight appetite loss while also assisting with weight loss when used in conjunction with a healthy diet. Like many health foods, such as blueberries and kale, CBD is purported to help to combat oxidative stress, a leading factor in the problems connected with aging. That means that, by trying CBD to help with your anxiety, you could also be contributing greatly to your overall health and well-being, supporting every system of your body in a holistic way.